Thursday, April 14, 2011

[Pix] A first look at Kyu Jong as Prince Shin (added 3 pix)

Much thanks to peacejerry for tweeting the link for the new photos uploaded in the Japanese website for the musical 'Goong'.

Here's our first look at Kyu Jong as Prince Shin.

I am not sure if these photos were taken yesterday as there was a presscon for the musical yesterday. We didn't hear anything about it because tweeted today that video and photos [actually she tweeted VD & PH and i am assuming that they're video and photos ^^] from the presscon will come out in Japan on the 22nd of April which is next week at 8PM. According to her tweet as well it will be broadcast in radios. I'm certain our Japanese friends will be sharing these with us.


Anonymous said...

my pretty kyujong so handsome! :D

Anonymous said...

wow kyujong looks dashing just like a prince!!

Anonymous said...

so handsome..prince kyu jonggie..all the best!

Anonymous said...

my prince!!!!!

Prince Shin is aloof, innocent, child-like

Anonymous said...

omo KJ is so dashing! and he already looks the part in the 2nd pic, more serious but not too cold. can't wait for more news!