Friday, April 15, 2011

[Article] Our Prince Kyu is charming Prince Shin

There are many articles today about Kyu Jong revealing himself for the first time as Prince Shin in the musical 'Goong'.
Read the article below from AKP.


SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong reveals his ‘Prince Charming’ look for “Goong” musical
Source: My Daily via Nate
Courtesy of ramham424 AllKPop

SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong has transformed into ‘Prince Charming’.

The idol was cast as the main character ‘Lee Shin‘ for the musical “Goong“. On April 13th, he finished the poster photoshoot for the performances in Japan, and unveiled his ‘prince look’ for the very first time.

Kim Kyu Jong donned a luxurious dress coat, and emphasized his royal position with his haughty facial expression and lax body language. Although his picture looks very arrogant, it’s said that he made the photoshoot atmosphere very bright with his funny quips and laid-back attitude.

After filming, the idol-turned-actor stated, “I received a lot of advice from TVXQ’s Yunho hyung, who played this role before. I worried a lot about being cast as the main character, but I was fascinated by connecting with the audience. It’s a little awkward now but I’ll present my own Kyu Jong prince, different from the past princes in the musical. I hope you’ll all be interested.”

The ‘Goong’ musical will run in Kyoto, Japan from June 11th to July 1st.

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good luck kyu and all the best...i always hope you and youngseang will be sucessful as the other members...fighting!!!!!