Friday, April 08, 2011

[Pix] Hyung Joon @ 1000 Songs Challenge Recording

Hyung Jun had a recording last Tuesday, 5th of April for 1000 Song Challenge. If you remember it, he tweeted just before 11PM KST that he did well in the show even tweeting a picture of his medal. Apparently, he took first place in the show. No wonder his friends on Twitter and even his brother Ki Bum were asking him to treat them. ^_^

For one to win in the show, he has to compete in several rounds. I am not really familiar with this show though I remember Young Saeng and Hyung Jun guested here sometime in 2008. Anyway, I researched a bit on how this game is played and this is what I got from Soompi. Thanks to dolphin115 for this.

In 1000 Songs Challenge, singers come on the show to compete for MVP. First round, out of 50 or 500 songs each singer picks a number 1-50/500 and must sing the song correctly. Only one mistake (a word, phrase, or entire line) is allowed and the second mistake throws them out of the first round. In the second round, the first round losers each are timed and picks one MC to sing songs that the singer has to guess the title for within 40 seconds. The one who guesses the most songs goes to the third round and battles the first round winner. In the third round, out of 1000 songs each singer picks a number 1-1000 and must sing the song correctly. The winner then becomes the MVP and gets a medal & flowers.

Quite an interesting game, yah? I want to watch this and see how Hyung Jun defeated his opponents and of course to hear him sing. I see in the photo below that one of his best buddies Park Sang Min is a guest. Anyway, if anyone of you knows if the show is already up on YT please let us know. Thanks in advance.

While we wait for that let me share with you here photos from the recording which happened last Tuesday. Much thanks to veggiedelight for the tip. And pretty much thanks as well to InitialHeart /


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for the video..!! Go HJB..!!1

Anonymous said...

So glad that Park Sung Min is there. I love his relationship with Hyung Jun. He's always so supportive. Can't wait to see this. :)

Anonymous said...

wow thanks for sharing how the game sounds really am really bad at memorising songs..i am so happy that hyungjun won! such a talented guy he is.
can't wait for this show
thank you so much.. i was so cluelesss bout his tweets!

Anonymous said...

seriously they're buddies? feels kinda weird to use the word buddy given their age gap lol, more like sunbae & hubae perhaps? anyhow i love park sang min's one love. got to know the song from one of triplesphilippines' fanvid. it doesn't fail to bring tears to my eyes :(

Anonymous said...

anon@7:53 Park Sang Min is like a mentor, father figure for Hyung Jun. They've been close almost from the time of Hyung Jun's debut.

Anonymous said...

Hyung Jun looks very fresh, pretty, and cute here. ^^ congrats on winning 1st! :D Hyung Jun really knows a lot about music, listens to all kinda of songs from all kinds of genres and countries, so i'm not surprised he can do well in this game. ^^ can't wait to watch the show.
Hyung Jun is so close with Park Sang Min that he calls him "Uncle" (like blood uncle, not general "mister"/"ahjussi" kind of uncle), and he was one of Park Sang Min's best men at his wedding. if you watch "The Muzit" show, you can see how close they are. ^_^

Anonymous said...


yes I watched the video of Hyung Jun in park Sang Min's wedding, Hyung Jun was really handsome with his long blond hair and white skin, he's so cute, absolutely looked like a foreigner there!!

I was looking back for the video, it was in my fav.list but I think the video had been removed, wtf it's fancam -_-;;

sinthia said...

I hope we can see the eng sub version soon, is always a pleasure listen to my baby singing! *.*
It's not a surprise that he have won the competition, after all is our Hyung Jun whose talent is obvious! ^____^
I'd like to see him participating in this kind of show frequently, I think I never have enough of baby. I wanna see he showing more how great singer he is.
HJB fighting!