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[Trans] Detailed Fan Account from Surprise Party for Hyung Jun 04.06.11

Super heaps of thanks to reena29shadow for translating and sharing this long fan account from yesterday surprise party that KBS Star Life Theater Stalker gave him at Love501 forum. Also loads of thanks to Justhought of for the very detailed fan account.

At the end of this post, I will be posting photos from the surprise party which I lifted from SS601. that came from the shutterbug of

Btw, after reading this fan account I kinda miss Hyung Jun. And this might be crazy and I don't know why, I kinda feel his sadness. Sigh... I wish I can give him a BIG BIG HUG and give him a pat on the back and tell him that he did VERY WELL.

Oh just in case you want to see the surprise party yesterday after reading this you may click HERE.

[2011.04.06] FanAccount of Hyung Jun's surprise party

Original fan account from - Justhought @
English translation by -

Please re-post with full credits.

Authors note: Writing this is because for the past 1 month, there's many things that touched us and things that we feel sad for him, maybe some will think that this is showing off. But, when we went to watch Hyung Jun's performance, compared to seeing him in person, most importantly is to give him support. I think, even if you wants to say that i'm showing off, it's fine too~
[Because I mainly want to use these words to let more people know the effort Hyung Jun made!!]

On 4th April, author received an message from friend, message is [We are KBS team, we plan to have a surprise event on 6th Apr for Kim Hyung Jun, about a 100 fans can attend. Everyone please participate, exact location and time, we will inform you guys again]
Because the way of announcing is very special, so I double confirmed it with another friend, and she asked me, how did I find out. Hyung Jun himself doesn't know about this, so don't announce online, keep it a secret!

On 5 Apr, I received a message from my friend to confirm the time and venue. 7pm at a pub near Hongdae
I reach the venue at around 5.30pm, after arriving, mostly I saw was familiar faces~
Korean fan in charge gave me a "green paper" saying it's to write questions for Hyung Jun
Around 6pm, we were allowed to go in~
After going in, KBS PD in-charge came to brief us on the event flow and reason behind preparing for this event~

"Today's event is to give Kim Hyung Jun a surprise. Everyone have been watching his program this few weeks right? To be honest, actually the recordings are already enough at the moment, but after working together with Hyung Jun for a month, we can tell that he really worked hard, and also showing his true self in all program. So we were thinking of holding an event to help Hyung Jun cheer up. Plus, to thank everyone for attending all recordings and event. Really see lots of familiar faces. We have filmed all fansign event, you all really went for every event. Hyung Jun really doesn't know about today's event. He only knows that he's here for an interview. Because of personal reason, he seems to be feeling moody today, so please everyone, help to cheer him up. He might just cry because he was too touched. Everyone have got a piece of paper, write down your wish. Other than asking him to kiss you, others like taking photo using your handphone are all acceptable. Also don't get him to sing, because he'll definitely be singing, but as for what he's going to sing, you guys just request. He... He'll do whatever you have request for."

Next, people from fanclub passed around penlights and green balloons. Also started to discuss on how should we help to cheer Hyung Jun up. (Originally they wanted to sing I Am, but that's too difficult)
In the end they decided on

Hyung Jun, hang on, you still have us isn't it?
Hyung Jun, hang on, because we are with you

Hyung Jun arrived earlier than expected
His manager came in first, and everyone started reminding each other not to talk and don't on the lights
After awhile, we hear people walking in.
When the door open, everyone switch on their penlight and started cheering~
Then some fans said start singing~

Hyung Jun was shocked!!
After that they brought up a cake with Hyung Jun's figurine. Hyung Jun asked "Can I blow the candle??"
Everyone cheered and said just blow
After blowing the candle, Hyung Jun said "I thought I was going for an interview, and it turns out like this, oh my, I got a shock, I thought it was interview so I didn't really prepare myself. I still went to the skin specialist just before this. I'm still shivering now, I really didn't expect it"
Fans replied "Just relax will do"

After that, a fan read a letter to Hyung Jun on behalf of everyone
The letter is something that starts with saying "The most handsome, most kind hearted person in this World, Kim Hyung Jun, you have worked hard for your promotion, it's very tiring, we all know. We all have seen all the effort that you have put in..." (Compared to what "oppa, I love you", this letter is really something that we all fans wants to tell Hyung Jun)
Hyung Jun started crying when he's listening to the letter....

Below, is a rough compilation of what Hyung Jun said
"Last time when I was in the team, I really wanted to try working alone. I felt that it will be easy, I can just anyhow do and get good results. But when I really tried working alone, I realize, everything is not easy, I am, a complete newbie. Everyone should know, for a newbie, there isn't much airtime. A event like this today, is really great. Have you all taken your dinner? Next time, we should have more events like this, able to communicate better with everyone. To me, everyone of you is like my family members. If there's chance in future, really, I will treat all of you dinner~ Everyone who's like a family to me, if I have any shortcomings, you all definitely have to let me know, so that I can do better"

(Next segment, he picked 5 wishes from fans)
The first one he picked requested for a piro piro. Hyung Jun immediately agreed, "But piro piro is currently out of stock, it's in high demand now. There will be stock coming in in mid April, by then, we'll definitely mail it to you." (He even got his manager to take down fans address)

After that, both he picked is a noona fans. Noona fans mostly tell him that he did very well this time, asked him to take good care of himself and stuff like that.
One even started with, "Hyung Jun, who is just like my son~"

The 4th one is still a noona fan. But this noona fan message is all about his manager!!!
Hyung Jun started laughing after he saw it. Then he also officially introduced the 2 manager who was with him ever since he joined S-plus
Cotton candy-hyung (He looked a little unconcerned)
Dried fish-hyung (He's a hot-blooded guy, very nice guy. Hyung Jun even asked him that they will work together till they die isn't it...)
Dried fish-hyung was speechless
He also said that dried fish-hyung is not old. He's born in year 1986, everyone please get along well with him.

The 5th fan, her question is... "What was the very very big present that you gave to Jung Min, and have you given it to him???" Her wish is for Hyung Jun to act cute to the camera for 10 seconds
Hyung Jun answered "Gave him what he needed.. Stuff he needed for his new house. Act cute, I'm already 25, I can't really do it anymore now.." and he got off with it~
Actually PD have already prepared to film him for 10 seconds.
After that, maybe they have considered about broadcasting, they picked another fan... (That fan ask for taking a picture with him with her phone)
While he was taking the photo, he said, "Smart phone! Cool.. Can play games. I used this to play games"

After that is question time.
3 fans was picked to ask. (This was consulted beforehand, because mostly doesn't wants to appear on TV)
First question. Ask if he have ever dated anyone from the entertainment line
He said "no... Really no"
Second question. Ask if he have ever went out privately with other artiste?
"Debut for 7 years already, but it happen for less than 10 times and all of it is with noonas, seems like I have to do something about it. Am no longer in the same company as KARA, so we hardly keep in contact, as for Rainbow, I was only close to JaeKyung."
Third question. That fans thank him for giving us such a wonderful 6 years time.
Hyung Jun keep looking at her and bow at her and say thank you.
Another question. During this promotion period, when is the happiest and the saddest time...
The happiest time is the moment when I got my own CD, and in the waiting room of my first come back stage. When I see Kim Hyung Jun wordings appear on the screen.. Because I finally did it.
The saddest is when there was once or twice, I lied on my bed looking out of my window and asking myself, why will this happen, I still have shows tomorrow, what should I do...

After that everyone wanted him to sing, want him to sing the song that he sang at 1000 songs melody yesterday. When speaking of that, he's so happy, because he got Number 1!!!
So he sang Park JinYoung's Honey live.. (This kid, his live singing is really good)
After that, everyone wanted him to sing a song from his new album. Saying that "Doesn't want other woman but you" is good
He then said that this is also his favourite song~
Then he started asking everyone what concept we like for his next album, asking us to give him suggestions.
After that, he sang a part of every song in his album... (Just like that PD said, this kid, he will do everything that you ask him to.)

After everything ended, as requested by fans, there's a high five session (PD originally said that it will take up too much time, they can arrange but hope that everyone will not drag too long)
In the end, Hyung Jun shook everyone hands... and chatted with each and everyone...

This is a very good event. Thanks to KBS for organising such event. Just like what Hyung Jun said, this is like a small fanmeeting. Very heart warming, very touching~~
In the past 1 month, actually everyone is tired, in that 1 hour, Hyung Jun should have felt that there is still people cheering for him. As for us, we also felt that Hyung Jun have been giving us his best.
PD say... Hyung Jun have been grumbling that now, there's no stalker fans anymore
(Everyone started laughing when they hear that....)


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Anonymous said...

Hyung Jun's purity and hardwork touches PDs' hearts and many people around him

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon@4:35, Hyung Jun has a way of touching one's heart. This period was tough for Hyung Jun and what happened with his brother didn't help. I'm sure this added to his pressure. Hyung Jun should be proud though of everything he did. From everything I see, each step is bringing him more recognition and his fans are increasing. It's a slower build then we would all like but its happening. I'm glad that he already has such great fans that are giving him the support he needs on this journey upwards.

Anonymous said...

really grteful to kbs for doing this for hyungjun nd all those who went to support him..if i was given an oppurtunity i wud jump for da chance lol..hope hyungjun feels content knowing that he has loads of love from all his fans..i want to give him a big hug too!
hyungjun fighting!
i am sure he will make a really really big hit someday! maybe this year!
thanks for sharing

sinthia said...

I'd love have been there to cheer up him too... I don't know if someone else feels like me, but I feel like I have failed with him, I feel like I didn't give enough support to him... I really really would like show him that we are still here for him and that he always will have my support. I hope he feels more loved by fans and get the strength to keep working till he gets all success he wishes.