Monday, June 06, 2011

06.05.11 S/Tweet Treats

Whoa! Young Saeng seems to have spent some time on Twitter yesterday. ^^

Much thanks to xiaochu for consolidating and translating in Quainte501.


[Trans] 06.05.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits please.

2011-06-05 @ 1:31 AM
mystyle1103 @p_joo Who looks like a guy?ke
*in reply to =p_joo= (2011-06-04 @ 8:15 PM)
I look like guy ..? ke Let me find a female who looks like me, as a revenge ke

2011-06-05 @ 1:31 AM
mystyle1103 @Actor_ParkJiBin Don't call my name!

2011-06-05 @ 1:43 PM
mystyle1103 @eru_Ndrew I saw hyung's car just now keke What are you doing today?

2011-06-05 @ 2:12 PM
mystyle1103 @eru_Ndrew At ChungDam-dong~ Near to Galleria?keke See you if I have time later~ke

2011-06-05 @ 1:45 PM
eru_Ndrew @mystyle1103 When? Where? hee I am getting off honorably now... TT TT Hot~ Be careful of the heat dongsaeng-ah^^ Shall we meet when you come up later?!

2011-06-05 @ 2:23 PM
eru_Ndrew @mystyle1103 You should have called me on the phone!! heehee So you have Inki Gayo today? Do it well, see u later~

2011-06-05 @ 3:20 PM
Actor_ParkJiBin @mystyle1103 I didn't call your name. Hyung?~^^ hee Hyung's name is 'Hyung'? yea?? Hyung?? Hyunghyunghyunghyunghyung Hyunghyunghyunghyunghyunghyung

2011-06-05 @ 3:31 PM
jooyoung0224 @Actor_ParkJiBin kekeke playful guy

2011-06-05 @ 3:33 PM
Actor_ParkJiBin @jooyoung0224 @mystyle1103 heehee Nowadays, YoungSaeng hyung is always being bullied by me TT just tapping him and telling him to keep chickens..kekekekekekekeke

2011-06-05 @ 3:36 PM
jooyoung0224 @Actor_ParkJiBin Eugoo playful guy keke how playful u were to tell him to keep chickens kekekekeke

2011-06-05 @ 3:39 PM
Actor_ParkJiBin @jooyoung0224 No, hyung TT I didn't really do that keke It was a joke keke YoungSaeng-hyung was even worse!!keke

2011-06-05 @ 3:50 PM
jooyoung0224 @Actor_ParkJiBin keke usually if the age difference is big, they don't bicker... kekeke

2011-06-05 @ 3:57 PM
Actor_ParkJiBin @jooyoung0224 kekeke Hyung, when is your school holidays?

2011-06-05 @ 3:59 PM
jooyoung0224 @Actor_ParkJiBin Either 18 or 21!! But from 22nd onwards, the 2-weeks holiday semester will start kekekekeke

2011-06-05 @ 4:00 PM
mystyle1103 @Actor_ParkJiBin Bad guy~ Feel good to be calling me a villain like that? Lazybones!

2011-06-05 @ 4:01 PM
mystyle1103 @jooyoung0224 It's school holidays but you have holiday semester? What are you talking about I don't understand anything keke

2011-06-05 @ 4:14 PM
jooyoung0224 @mystyle1103 Ah, I have to go to school for 2 weeks and take an exam to gain school credits, i just have to take one subject so it's nothing much to do keke It's weekend, what are you doing~!

2011-06-05 @ 6:06 PM
mystyle1103 @jooyoung0224 Having broadcast program~ I am going to the fan sign event now~ keke

2011-06-05 @ 6:27 PM
jooyoung0224 @mystyle1103 Wooh Where??

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kelly said...

Xiaochu, thanks so much for all the translation and thanks, liezle for posting all the tweets here. It is very easy to read them here.

Wonder who is jooyoung? a young actor? YS can do childcare if he does not sing. Very young at heart. Jibin is real cute the way he interacts with YS.