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[Article] Young Saeng Taking the Challenge in 'Three Musketeers'

Bunch of thanks to Slam (@cll_slam10) for taking time at this hour to finish the translation of this article of Young Saeng that came out several days now ago and sharing on her blog. I almost thought I would never see the translation of this and almost forgot about the article.

After reading this, now I understand why his fellow actors in the musical are so fond of Young Saeng. I am impressed with his professional attitude.

I really wish that I could see this but for now only miracle can make me go and watch. Anyway, I will be praying for the success of this musical especially when Young Saeng will be the one going on stage. I really hope that this will be the start of something big for his acting career.


[Trans] Singer Heo Young Saeng, The 1st Challenge in The "Three Musketeers" Musical

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Idol group SS501 main vocalist Heo Young Saeng (26 yrs old) is taking his 1st career challenge in the Musical "Three Musketeers".

Heo Young Saeng will display his charms as the character of D'Artagnan in the "Three Musketeers" Musical which will be held at Seongnam Arts Center from 3 Nov to 8 Dec.

Musical "THREE MUSKETEERS" is depicting about the 17th century as the background. Dreaming of becoming the royal musketeers, the youngsters D'Artagnan and the three musketeers of the french king guard troops Athos, Porthos and Aramis as well as the girlfriend Constance, the story of their adventure, friendship and love. Heo Young Saeng was recommended by 1 of the actor Eom Gi Jun in the musical to form for the "Three Musketeers".

Together with Eom Gi Jun, Lee Jee Hoon, Kyuhyun(SuJu), Oh Won Bin (Ex-FT) etc acting as the character D'Artagnan, they were chosen by a series of character voting (total 5), with a shoulder of heavy responsibilities, Heo Young Saeng said, "A song & dance without any modification, wanted to display my acting skills to let the audience feel comfortable and interesting."

The role of D'Artagnan has a huge proportion of lines, gotta practise singing and also to digest the fencing scene etc, even though the expected process of practising is much more easier now, no matter what the challenge of the musical actor reason is not a singer who has debuted for 7 years but rather the thinking of newbie with a passion that is burning once again.Thus he is always the 1st to reach for his practise and the last to leave so as to concentrate fully practising. Singer Shin Seong-woo (acting as Athos) looking at him in the face and praised him for "having the right attitude"

Heo Young Saeng said, "As this is my 1st musical, I have to be more serious than other actors. Shin Seong-woo hyung praised me" and "wanted to create a more pure, clearer and lively character of D'Artagnan. In fact, I believe in D'Artagnan and thru acting to create this charater. But in order to display the songs in the original way of musical stage singing and also to still maintain my own original way of singing, I am still trying to make a balance."

During the initial stage of practise with SuJu's Kyuhyun and ex-FTI's Oh Won Bin, unconsciously giving everyone a feel of the battle between idol groups.

"Having this sub-consciousness, what if I am being eliminated by Kyuhyun or Oh Won Bin but now especially we are closer, we will give one another mutual encouragement while watching the monitor."

"Must have a physically strong body for stage musical, thus usually will prepare carefully all the vitamins and healthy food to maintain stamina. Also at the same time the food support from all the fan clubs really given me a lot of their support and strength."

"The friendship and adventure of men, and inclusive of when facing with the women they love, it is a musical where all ages will love it. The audience age level can be in accordance how they feel when watching this musical, the 10th generation will develop dreams, 20 ~ 30 generations will have a feeling of cherished love,40 generations will have a feel of missing of friendship. Even though we may have the same scenes, but when watching the other actors interactions on stage, you will be so touched that tears will start falling. Especially at the scene where Athos sing "Three Musketeers, Let's recall our memories", warmth will fill our eyes and tears will start forming. If there are alot of people to support for our musical, it would be the best."

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Anonymous said...

Wow... love this interview and Saengie has all my respect^^ I saw a very mature man inside a cute, handsome and young body. Very well said and analysis about the musical. With this great working attitude and talented vocal, for sure he will (or considered already) succeed. I find his talking always well thought with perspective, and whatever he did or sang always give extra and surprise for something new. Though he said that he's not good at talking or not confident, you can't notice at all as he always perform awesome with passion and has outstanding result, and his talking is always considerate and mature without controversy. I guess it is this little inadequate feeling that make him so successful. Proud to be his fans!