Saturday, November 05, 2011

[FanCams] Young Saeng @ Tokyo Fan Meeting 11.04.11

I am shoving this post up as I have added more vids taken by rmdkdl.


Thank you to for sharing on YT rmdkdl's fancam from today's fan meeting in Tokyo, Japan of Kyu Jong and Young Saeng. Though I know, it's difficult to take vids, rmdkdl still was able to get these vids for us. Thanks to whoever from rmdkdl did this.

Birthday celebration part. YS is so cute when he did that short sword play with the microphone.

Greetings to Y.E.S.

'Out The Club'

'Rainy Heart' rap not included probably bec fans went crazy when Kyu Jong came out. ^^ But at the end of the song he blew another kiss to the crowd.

Young Saeng's performance seems to be a lot different from his other performances today especially when he sang 'Sad Song'. I do get this feeling that he's trying to feel the audience and probably somehow thinking of the musical. For me he is looking more confident and trying to communicate with the fans.

Oh, and did you noticed that at 0:30 mark he blew a kiss? ^_^ Cute!


kelly said...

Thanks to the fans who painstakingly took these wonderful videos. Thanks to liezle who post them up here else looking for them will be a difficult task.

YS' stage "manship" getting better and better. Result of the musical? Probably.

Now waiting for KJ's.


danz said...

Really BIG thanks to the fans who came there & support them, to the fans who got this fancam, to liezel for putting this up on your blog..i'm so happy to see this, all my frustrations and sadness for not being able to see this live has gone away.. ^^ BIG THANKYU!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really love him singing sad song live ! We can see how much feelings he'd put into the song ! He totally nailed it ! :D <3