Saturday, November 05, 2011

[Vids] Kyu Jong & Young Saeng @ Mnet Japan 11.03.11

Not sure when the broadcast of this recording will be in Japan, but since fancams are available let's take a look at raw vids before we get to see the HD ones. Much thanks to for uploading the following videos on her YT channel.

Kyu Jong with 'No More Yes'

The two vids on 's channel embedding have been disabled I will just give you the links for Young Saeng's 'Let It Go' which you may click HERE and Kyu Jong's 'WUSSUP' you may click HERE.

Much thanks to slimz1808 for the tips on YT.

Here's sharing two pix of Young Saeng taken at Mnet Studio in Japan. Credit is show on the images.


kelly said...

Were the last few photos of YS from MNet Studio? They remind me of earlier FMs.

Anonymous said...

wow, kyu's vocal ^^
that is why they say he is the main vocal in 501 on the taiwan version promotion.

Anonymous said...

our prince kyu is the best of the best in vocal, dancing, acting, look, love by fans ......
why he is so perfect