Sunday, November 06, 2011

[Vid & Media Pix] Kyu Jong @ 'Love Sharing 2011 Concert' 11.06.11

Kyu Jong arrived this morning from Japan after staying for another night to attend to the press conference of 'Goong' to be held in Tokyo starting on the 16th of December. From the tweet of @501wangja when Kyu Jong arrived his car was not around so he has to take the cab. Probably it's a miscommunication between whoever is picking him up.

I saw him performing live at the 'Love Sharing 2011 Concert' and can't see any trace of tiredness while he's performing.

Here is Kyu Jong peforming 'Yesterday' from the YT channel of .

Here are some media pix that I gather for now and will be sharing more later.


slimz1808 said...

u r fast! i have just finished watching his japan FM fancams.. heee.. this is just in time =D

tetsu_girl said...

Charisma~~~! KJ looked so dashing and cool. i love how he tore off his jacket today. \o/ and i like the chandelier in the background. XD thx4sharin!