Sunday, November 06, 2011

More HQ videos of Kyu Jong from Tokyo Fan Meeting 11.04.11

also has started to share her fancams on her YT channel and they're all high quality. Do check the videos below and get charmed by Kyu Jong.

Btw, now I know which if from the afternoon session and evening session. ^_^

**Afternoon Session for Y.E.S & ThanKYU

Wuss Up

No More Yes

Get Ya Luv


Young Saeng - Out the Club

**Evening Session

Wuss Up

No More Yes

Get Ya Luv


slimz1808 said...

thanKYU tonnes to kyulovechau! .. our forever dependable supplier of Kyu's Jap events ..

kelly said...

Thanks to KyuLoveChau! Now we have almost seen all the videos.

Anonymous said...

kyu conquered the stage !!

young saeng :)

ping0119 said...

can't keep up with the fan cams!!! XP