Sunday, November 06, 2011

[Vid] Young Saeng Arriving Korea 11.05.11 by rmdkdl

Here is a nicely taken video of rmdkdl of Young Saeng when he arrived at Gimpo last night without Kyu Jong who was left behind to attend to another activity. Thanks much to for sharing the video on YT.

Young Saeng gave a rare treat last night You can see in the video as well at the video I shared HERE that he smile so beautifully and wave to waiting fans at at the arrival gate. Young Saeng has been given us a lot of fan service lately and I am so happy with that.

Thanks to @cll_slam10 for retweeting @RiCeLyN tweet.

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kelly said...

He is getting out of his shell. That sexy dance probably needs a lot of courage from him. The liking of him and Kyu just keeps growing and growing... and these were the two most quiet in the group.