Sunday, November 06, 2011

[FanCam] Hi5 in Tokyo with Kyu Jong & Young Saeng 11.04.11

Much thanks to veggiedelight for sending the link to YT channel that contains more than 4 minutes video of Kyu Jong and Young Saeng giving Hi5s at the fan meeting in Tokyo.

I like how Kyu Jong is giving his Hi5 (with a bow)but I find it tiring. At the end of the video I guess you also noticed that he is already holding to his elbow to give support while Young Saeng at the end of the video changed the middle of the video.

I am so happy to the fans who attended, they were not only entertained but also got Hi5 and sweet smile.

After the events on the 4th of November, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng were caught by fans leaving the venue. Here is a video I got from the YT channel of from the tip of lafone. Thanks!


slimz1808 said...

Noe what liezle? I cant help but keep giggling when I'm watching this coz i read alot of funny comments on twitter and on KYU's. Sharing some fun observations noted by other fans:
1) YS was seated down for a while (hee..some1 said that's the reason why he will always have problem losing wt..hope YS bias take this comment with a light heart, k?)
2) Kyu is so silly. YS interchanged hands and posture thru'out but kyu is forever stuck at that position
3) this is not a Hi-5 ... its a Low-5

liezle said...

thanks slmiz1808 for sharing these tid bits of info. if you have more please share. ^_^

YS is so funny and cute as always. If Ji Bin will know this he'll be teased endlessly that he's becoming a real ahjussi getting tired easily. ^^

please share more if you may.


etet said...

Besides tiring to watch it was almost painful to watch
KJ with his hand holding his elbow thru out the vid... But he was polite as ever...
And YS, in some what ackward positions using one hand then the other...

But they were both grinning from ear to ear....

slimz1808 said...

haaa.. actually i thot i saw YS yawning at 03:15 .. heeee

danz said...

i want some hi5 from them too..and then i won't let go of their hands for 5mins hohoho..thanks for this video, i will work hard to buy a ticket & go to korea! ^^

kelly said...

Shaking hands are probably less tiring. Hi-5 difficult to ascertain where the other person's hand is and may just miss it. And one tend to hi and then drop to low.

Come to think of it, they will be flying back again in another two days time?

Tiring affair.

P.S. YS better don't lose any more weight. He looks wonderful now :))

Anonymous said...

saengie figure is perfect. that make him looking sexier. we love the way he is ^^

ping0119 said...

@ slimz1808
"this is not a Hi-5 ... its a Low-5"

Saeng is funny keke..
I also feel very tired just watching... lol >_< Good job!!