Thursday, May 03, 2012

[Article] Hyun Jooong Gives Support to A-JAX

When AKP tweeted the article below, Steven Lee tweeted the following at 4:19AM today

Steven_Lee_: Gimme this credit! Photo by Steven Lee RT @allkpop Kim Hyun Joong shows his (cont)

When I saw this photo last night in Twitter which I also re-tweeted, I got reminded of one post in SS601 saying that Hyun Joong  and Steven Lee were at  DSP. This could probably the time when this photo was taken by Steven Lee.

I have been pretty curious about A-JAX which was previously known as DSP Boyz.  My curiosity about them increased when Steven Lee started tweeting about them and according to one of his tweets, they are his boys.

It is kinda nice reading this article. Though Hyun Joong is no longer with DSP I am happy that he is supporting this young group from their former agency.  It is just like the rest of the members of SS501 showing their support to KARA and Rainbow. There is still that so called DSP love, yah? ^_^


[News] Kim Hyun Joong shows his support for DSP Media’s rookie group, A-JAX
Source & Image : AJAX Facebook
Courtesy of leesa86 / Allkpop

Singer Kim Hyun Joong showed his support for his junior artists.

The above photo was recently posted via the official Facebook page of DSP Media‘s new boy group, A-JAX.

Along with the photo was written,

“WoW! Kim Hyun Joong came to show his support for A-JAX at their rehearsal studio."

As all of you know, Kim Hyun Joong is a senior here at DSP Media. He stopped by to offer a few words of encouragement and strength!

He even took the time to take a photo with member Jaehyung who sees Kim Hyun Joong as his role model Jaehyung was so nervous and couldn’t even talk in front of him, keke.

Fans who were touched to see Kim Hyun Joong supporting his juniors remarked, “The two flower boys are awesome!“, “Thank you for supporting your hoobae!“, and more.

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