Friday, May 18, 2012

Highlights of Kim Hyun Joong Asia Tour 2012 Day 1 in Taiwan 05.18.12

The first night of fan meeting in NTU Sports Arena in Taiwan just ended and I am shoving here real time updates of wonderrrgirl in Twitter. Loads of thanks for all the tweets wonderrrgirl!

Btw, to make this night different from Singapore and Hong Kong fan meetings, the games for tonight fan meeting is different from the first two. Go on and read. Likewise, check the link for the photos that wonderrrgirl tweeted as well which I am also sharing here.

On with the show...
  • Let me go~!!
  • Breakdown!!
  • PLEASE 제발 now~^^^^
  • KHJ: "Hi Taiwan fans. Haven't seen you all for a long time. How are all of you?"
  • KHJ: "can the second floor people see me? " *straining to see the fans* cute!!
  • KHJ: "I'm going to see a song that expresses my gratitude to all my fans." (Thank you 고맙다)
  • Some Jittjoong/beotjoong moments ~ ^^
  • KHJ singing Thank You^^
  • HJ said 谢谢 in Chinese after singing thank you haha!!
  • KHJ: "I am happiest when singing to everyone."
  • KHJ singing Happiness is! (I super love this picture!!!!) ^^
  • Kiss kiss ~ ^^ HJ's smiles!!!
  • HJ said his body is in the best condition today~^^^^
  • HJ singing I'm your man now~
  • Because I'm stupid ~ #2
  • Talk time~~ ^^
  • Smile (웃어요) ~#3
  • Hehe host said HJ can change from cute boy next door to handsome and hot guy suddenly ㅋㅋㅋㅋ from his performance ^^
  • The games today are specially created by HJ!! To make it different from SG and HK's fm^^
  • Choosing lucky winners now!!! ^^ his face.. Such concentration^^
  • HJ smiled so brightly when the fans cheered at their row being said out by the MC! (lucky draw now) ^^ cuteeeeeeeeeee!!!
  • Got a jap fan onstage!! hJ's like "Chinese translation now!" , then gesturing mc "Japanese translation now!"
  • Omg HJ's idea of game!!!?!!?!??
  • Apparently the pictures show sth, and HJ and the fan will act out exactly the same!!!
  • Got titanic pose omg!!!!!! ~!!! dunno which lucky fan though.. Good luck girls!!!
  • Omg the first fan chose this pose!!!! Lucky max!!!!! Fans screaming die me now~~~~
On the screen is 'Water for Elephants' below is clearer version

  •  Second fan got this pose. Still ok~~ haha!
On the screen is 'Pretty Woman' below is clearer version.

  • Poor fan got this! It means HJ take photo of her doing this pose^^;; aigoo!
On the screen is 'Amelie' below is clearer version.

  •  Omg! Titanic pose finally out!! This fan gets to pose this with HJ omg!!!
On the screen is 'Titanic' below is a clearer version.

    • HJ" even though this last fan got joker card, but as you all know~ I'm a lil naughty. This might be a rly good card~"
    • Omg!! HJ held the girl's hand and left to backstage ! The lucky marry you girl today~^^
    • Lucky guy now! I can't tweet pics! Twitter don't allow me!!
    • High high high now!!! Omg I love taiwan!!!!! Best !!!!
    • HJ out again!!! He keep saying time passes by so quickly!!!!! Haha!!! He seems to LOVE this stage so much!!!
    • HJ: " I feel so fortunate and happy to be performing on stage for everyone today" (saying this again! HJ why do happy today! ^^)
    • HJ:" even though I don't come TW often, I plan to come at least once every year to perform for TW fans"
    • HJ: " I think the only way I can show my gratitude and love for everyone is through my performance and work on TV.."
    • HJ: "I will work hard to be the Kim Hyun Joong that all of you love"
    • HJ: "when I come again, I'm going to give x10, x100 of what I gave today during today's performance. "
    • Do you feel the same..... My favorite ㅠㅠ 그대도 나와 같으면 .....
    • HJ came out so quickly for encore!! Like he couldn't wait to perform haha!
    • "내 손을 잡아줘" (hold my hand" *HJ reaching out his hand to the hands"* aww..
    • Like at least six confetti stuck on HJ's hair!!! So cute !!!!Move your body !!!!!!!!
    • HJ didnt just walk off! He lingered around, did a slow wave to all the fans from right to left!! Awww HJ!!

    First day of fan concert just ended. Tomorrow again. It's Hi-5 now. Let's wait for HQ photos and vids to be uploaded soon. I am pretty sure everyone is eager to see the happening on the 1st day of FM in Taiwan.

    Thanks wonderrrgirl for the live update!


    Anonymous said...

    were these the ideas of khjL. OMG, unpredictable ... KHJ ^)^
    although he seems to lack of words to express his feeling to fans. but he can moves my heart with his performances and projects each time. he is more than comfortable this way to show his appreciation to his fans;
    he gives out his best through participating on all the preparation with all the workers. he wants to create the awesome stages and make sure his fans enjoy the time with him . ... that is hkjL, so sweet :)
    leader fighting !!
    thanks for the detail info and sharing. love it so much, all the best ^.^

    Anonymous said...

    sure the fans have so much fun there. looking forward to the next one :) great job, hj !!

    Anonymous said...

    He's not a man of many words. He speaks through his actions. He doesn't do the typical "idol fan service" (waving and smiling). He takes it to the next LEVEL!! I love him for that. Not many stars can or will do that.

    Anonymous said...

    it is up to each individual. it all mean best fan services as long as the giver & receiver both feel comfortable & happy the way.
    love him just the way he is.

    here i wanna see the clear one of the girl who do the post of 6th pic.
    hope she will have a chance to act out with leader next time.
    anyway it's a good time to laugh with leader & all the girls there.
    happy to know everyone was having fun that night, that is all matter :)