Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Photos from YoungSaeng's 'SOLO'

I have been reading my timeline and there were a number of  tweet updates on the ranking of Young Saeng's 'SOLO' album which was released at 12NM on the 22nd of May.  From the tweets I read, it is doing good in almost all music stores. Let's keep on downloading and streaming.

Btw, here is something about streaming in Soribada courtesy of @501wangja on Twitter.  Much thanks!
Those who had already registered Soribada foreign acct n purchased e song credits with unlimited streaming, please put Crying on your playlist, add it in e playlist 20times n let it play till the end of playlist, clear it from ur playlist, refresh ur browser n add again, every 20play is equivalent to 1 digital download!!!! Do not mute e player as it will not count to e streaming! Please stream diligently to bring up Crying's position in Soribada! Thank you!!!

As I was checking tweets and other sites, I came across several photos from the album and I am shoving them here. Much thanks to all the tips in Twitter  courtesy of @cll_slam10, @S2501JH and to veggiedelight for the email.

Here are more courtesy of @JeabSaeng501 lifted from http://young-saeng.com

And before I end this post,  it's quite disappointing the we still have to wait until the 1st of June before we see Young Saeng's first comeback stage.  B2M tweeted that the comeback stage scheduled on the 31st of May in MCountdown has been cancelled due to some overseas commitment. Which means 1st comeback stage will be in Music Bank on the 1st of June..


Anonymous said...

so handsome,i'm loving all this pictures..it's really great.
yup.i'm quite dissapointing too,overseas commitment?what does it mean?maybe he will have some activities at overseas...hehe~~~
btw.i'm so proud of him..he really did a great job..congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope YS can win one cup.
But really not sure.

Anonymous said...

how can he become so handsome??? keke
i love this guy..cant wait for his live performance!!
yeah, it will be quite dissapointing if he does not win..last time he was so close winning with let it go..:(
but winning is not everything~