Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Eng Trans] Young Saeng at Radio MBC's 95.9 Fuzion FM Yunha's Starry 05.28.12

On the 28th of May Young Saeng guested  at Radio MBC's 95.9 Fuzion FM Yunha's Starry. This is his 2nd radio guesting to promote his 2nd mini album 'Solo'. English translation is out already which we can all listed at the YouTube channel of .  Much thanks for this!  The interview is very interesting. I like the first part where  he is rating himself and of course the explanation to each rating.  Don't miss watching this video.  You'll certainly get to know a lot more our Young Saeng.

Thanks to veggiedelight for the tip as well as to one Anonymous who left a comment in one of the comment boxes  and Unknown who left the link on the sidebar.


kelly said...

Who is this DJ? I enjoy listening to their conversation. Very jovial.

YS really needs to increase his confidence a bit. This album has improved lots. I am particular about English pronunciation and always skeptical about YS' English. But his improvement is just great. I totally enjoy this album. A great choice of songs.

Anonymous said...

her name is Younha,
KimHyunJoong also guest in her radio-show for 'BreakDown' promotion. Here is the link with end-sub :

Anonymous said...

the girl in baby's drama is also named younha so when i listened to this i imagined him talking to that girl hahaha!!

Im soooooooooooooo curious abt his old gf !!

kelly said...

Thanks Anon@8:58pm.