Thursday, May 24, 2012

[Article] Young Saeng Comebacking via 'SOLO'

One more news translation courtesy of cll_slam10 shared on StylishHYS which I am shoving here. Heaps of thanks again Slam!


[News] Heo Young Saeng "CRYING" Comeback, Twitter "This Time Round Personnally Co-Produced"
Source: Snstree
Chinese Trans: 王小卯 @HYS Baidu Bar
Eng Trans: cllslam10@StylishHYS
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[CBC news = social news] At 22 May 12am KST, Heo Young Saeng released his title track 'CRYING' thru the various audio streaming site which is rather popular.

This time the mini-album consists of 4 tracks and also the title track 'CRYING' instrumental version, which contains a total 5 tracks of different music styles emphasizing the diversity of this album.

Title track 'CRYING' has been released, thru all the major audio streaming sites, increasing the ranking in the search portal.

Heo Young Saeng also tweeted on his twitter "Crying!!! I'm Comeback!!!" announcing his solo comeback after 1 year.

On 22 May, there were more than 2882 text mentioning "HEO YOUNG SAENG".

Text that mentioned "HEO YOUNG SAENG" are:

"[Heo Young Saeng] 1st Comeback on 31 May Mnet Countdown was cancelled due to an overseas broadcast and his 1st comeback will be on 1 Jun Music Bank. (RT: 86 times)

"[News Update] Heo Young Saeng ranked the No.1 for the most searched person on Daum.

"Heo Young Saeng really knows how to choose songs... unfortunately this lead vocalist is being under-estimated... Everyone please listen to Heo Young Saeng's 'MARIA'."

"Kekeke... this is better than LET IT GO thousand times isnt it? It is not that I dont like LET IT GO... Heo Young Saeng got co-produced, kekeke~ song melody is really great, dance is a bit funny... kekekekeke"

"Woah!!! Heo Young Saeng album DAEBAK!!! This time must really get 1st placing!!!! >< other comments etc...

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Can you please pass the message: Vote for Young Saeng on Mnet, It's just signing in through Twitter or Facebook. (Can Vote Daily) (#23 - Crying)