Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another Awesome Pix & Vid of Hyun Joong from Asia Tour 2012 in Taiwan 05.18.12 by MurdererQ

Compared to the Hong Kong fan meeting, Hyun Joong does not look tired from these wonderful photos taken by MurdererQ from day one of Kim Hyun Joong Asia Tour 2012 at the NTU Sports Center in Taiwan that are shared in her Baidu blog

Here are the photos from the fan meeting followed by a minute and twelve seconds video taken at the ending of the fan meeting that I lifted from 's YouTube channel.

Please DO NOT edit photos and download/re-upload videos in any streaming sites. Likewise give proper credit when re-posting.

From MurdererQ...

※재업로드,2차 변형 금지!!!

Another request from MurdereQ...
※ 嚴禁修改及切勿再上傳在線!!!
※ 재업로드, 2차 변형 금지!!!
※ 映画の転载・二次加工禁止です!!!

Day two of the fan meeting is tomorrow at the same venue. We're going to see more of Hyun Joong by then.


Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong ah, great done.
You go step by step long way, big improving.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

great atmosphere 3rd pic :)
but envy very much :(
love you leader ^^

Anonymous said...

i hope to become a few minutes MC, and get a chance to interview that girl who got so close to leader, haha :)
do not know how she felt while leader hug her with that posture and the close distance which can feel the breath of each other.
but i assume she must have a memorable night and sweet dream that night :)
all nice picS, thanks for uploading.

Anonymous said...

Gosh! Why is he so beautiful, inside out!?!

Anonymous said...

sorry for comment about YS on HJ's post but here is the link to Young Saeng newest I need a fairy ep.... it's EP 59 ...

Honeypizza said...

Very enthusiastic! The night of performance is indeed GREAT!!!
Good luck and more power Mr. Kim
Thanks once again for uploading and for the update ^ ^

Anonymous said...

Amazing! HJ is getting better and better with each fan meet/concert. The stage is HIS!!!!