Tuesday, May 08, 2012

[Article] Hyung Jun's Fan Clubs Happy Tummies Treat

Fanclubs can really think of many ways to support their idol and one of them is this... happy tummies treat. 

Much thanks to VITALSIGN of AKP for sharing this article which I have been reading for the past days already but only see the translation. 


[Article] Fans of Kim Hyung Jun treat the ‘I Love You’ staff to lunch and dinner
 Source + Photos: Star N News via Naver

 Fans of SS501‘s Kim Hyung Jun have shown their power once again by gifting the cast of his SBS Plus drama, ‘I Love You‘, with meal trucks!

His fanclub ordered 100 servings of samgyetang (chicken soup with ginseng) along with fresh iced coffee for lunch all packed up in a meal truck for the set. In addition, they went ahead and ordered 100 more servings of duck meat and bulgogi (bbq beef) for dinner, making it one tasty day of work.

Staff definitely couldn’t help but shout in joy, with fellow cast Kim Ki Yeol writing on his Twitter, “Kim Hyung Jun’s fans brought us a samgyetang meal truck during our filming. When I’m born again, I want to be born as a member of SS Kim Ki Yeol~.”

Kim Hyung Jun himself stated, “I felt so supported and strong at our production conference thanks to my fans’ support and the rice cakes they sent. I’m even happier to see that they’ve sent us a lunch truck as well. I’ll make sure to repay all of their support and encouragement by improving my acting and showing a better image.”

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