Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[Vid] Young Saeng at MBC FM4U 05.23.12

Young Saeng had his first radio guesting to promote his 2nd mini album 'SOLO' today at MBC FM4U. Together with him is Mighty Mouth.

 In the show Young Saeng sang 'Crying' live. Below are the full show in parts. At the end of this post is the cut from the show wherein Young Saeng sings 'Crying'.

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Young Saeng cut singing 'Crying'


Anonymous said...

i love this so much :)
and please vote for youngsaeng at eatyourkimchi,thanx :D

Chara said...

How can it be, that I'm totally in awe about that song once he sings it live??? But I'm nearly not touched when I hear it from CD? His live is SOOOO much better!!!

OH YS, I SOOOOOOO want to see you live on stage in Korea!!!!

kelly said...

Chara, since you are going back to Korea or already gone back, sure you will have the chance to see him live. Good luck!

I also enjoy his live, but through the computer. Hahaha :-)

Liezle, thanks for sharing so much with us.

Cinzia Bacilieri said...

Chara, hum didn't i tell you that CRYING song sung live was going to be ace???? Kekkekeke

Anonymous said...

Below is the link to youtube mv which has the English translation.