Thursday, May 03, 2012

Bits and Pieces about Kyu Jong's Fan Meeting 05.02.12

Before and after the fan meeting in Japan, B2M as well as Kyu Jong's back-up dancers tweeted photos of Kyu Jong.  Here are just some of the photos with Kyu Jong in it.

After the fan meeting, Kyu Jong tweeted to show his appreciation for the support during the fan meeting.  Here is the translation of his tweet courtesy of xiaochu shared on Quainte501.
2012-05-02 @ 10:05 PM
It's really great to be spending an enjoyable time together^^ Pretties~ Thank You~~!!! I am really a blessed person!! Thank you~~Eehehe~~

For more of the s/tweet on the 2nd of May you may check Quainte501.

I have actually wanted to post the photos above but was looking for news about the fan meeting.  Glad that @iamsom re-tweeted tweets from @RenriSak0830 as well as @TRIPLESSCHOOL giving a bit of something from the fan meeting.

courtesy of @RenriSak0830
  • He showed his room by some pics.  There are many CDs ... there are  SS501 CD,other members solo single, and KARA CD
  • Whenever Kyu Jong meets with the other members he said that he only drinks a little alcohol.  According to Kyu Jong, Jung Min's favorite is champagned and wine.

courtesy of TripleS School
  • According to KJ, he doesn't  know when they will  COMEBACK as SS501...but he  wants to stand on the stage with the other 4 members again.

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slimz1808 said...

extracted from RenriSak0830@twitter:
Kyu sang Wuss Up, No More Yes, Get Ya luv, My Love and Yesterday. Wuss up was remix version.
He sang Japanese song Story and Hikari (his solo Jap song).
KJ: I often met with members and would eat dinner/drink alcohol when meet up.
KJ: When i met other members, i drink alcohol a little! Jungmin favorite alcohol are champagne and wine
KJ: I dont know when we can COMEBACK as SS501..but i want to stand on the stage with other 4 members again
When he sang my love, YoungSaeng appeared on the back movie

extracted from Sarah_Taiwan501 @twitter (original was in Chns, i did a bit of trans to Eng):
1. The afternoon session performanec is really great! First white outfit was totally a prince charming image!! A segement of the show was to call out to a fan to give away a big framed up signed photo. Lucky fan was a mummy fan whose daughter gave her the FM ticket. Says she likes Kyu a year plus. Mummy fan says her daughter's bias is HJL/HJB (coz jap prounciation of the two is similar, can't differentiate who is she talking about)
2. Kyu kept nodding his head while listening and told her to go back and tell her daughter that she got his signed photo. Mummy fan says will place photo next to pillow and looked at it to sleep, making his embarrassed ^^
KJ said: Thank you to mummy and daughter for loving 501members. They will continue to work hard.
When she left the stage,he kept asking her who exactly does her daughter likes, HJL or HJB. He seems very concerned about it ..