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[Trans] InStyle's Magazine Interview with Jung Min

The short interview of Jung Min for the May Issue of In Style Magazine has already been translated into English by RoyalPJM.  Much much thanks for this.  Also thanks to AllForPJM.

In this interview, Dukki was mentioned several times.  And from this, you will know how Dukki has somehow became the center of Jung Min's family.  Sad that she passed away early this week due to illness.

[Trans] Jung Min – Instyle Magazine May Issue
Scanned by: lunawedding + PJM Baidu
Chinese translation: 阿四@ALLFORPJM + (translation scan edited by) 蜜思@ALLFORPJM
English translation: RPJM (
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Jung Min  got his beautiful smile from his mother.

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As singer Park Jung Min entered the studio, all the staff’s sight did not stop and look at Jung Min, but the puppy he was holding onto it instead. During the pictorial shoot, the ‘Dukki’ (gas) of the cute puppy filled the atmosphere of the studio. This photo is specially taken to make up for Dukki who wasn’t able to shoot for the pictorial.

“Jung Min is the pillar at home, although he is the youngest, as a man, he take cares of his family well. When I heard that he was about to become a singer, I was really worried. However, after he became a singer, he stood even more firmly.” - Jung Min’s mother이석영

Jung Min & Mother 이석영

Q) How are you feeling when you are having a pictorial shoot with your mother?
A) Looking at my mother doing her make-up at home gracefully, wearing some pretty clothes, I cannot help but to have a view of “My mother is also a woman”. I feel bad. For the family, my mother did not even have any spare time and the time to dress up. I will need to buy my mother some new clothes as gifts some other time.

Q) Do you usually chat with your mother?
A) When I was young, I feel that my mother is scary, and she was always strict towards me. But after I debuted as a singer, I started to chat with her more. When I am home, I am more long-winded than I am with my friends. Of course there is also my mother’s nagging. (Laughs)

Q) Do you feel happy with your family now?
A) Recently, I bought a puppy and named it as ‘Dukki’. After it came home, my family instantly becomes harmony. Because I am always overseas for my schedule, having Dukki to replace my vacancy makes me be at ease. After which, my parents will definitely loves Dukki more than me, this makes me a little uneasy instead. (Laughs)

Q) What is family to you?
A) They are the one who is always unconditionally with me. No matter what is my decision, my family will always stand by my side, understanding and support me. Family is my source of strength.

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