Wednesday, May 02, 2012

[Vid w/ Eng Subs] Hyun Joong @ Fairmont Hotel PressCon 05.02.12

Here is video of Hyun Joong at today's press conference at Fairmont Hotel courtesy of YouTube channel.  It's English subbed already so do check it out and see his royal handsomeness answering questions from the media.

Much thanks to @TripleSThailand for tweeting the link.


pengfoo said...

He is very articulate and fluent in speech. Delivers very smoothly. He is also very natural in his answers and precise, being fast and decisive as well. A sign of a great leader.
Bravo, Hyun Joong, this is already a fore-runner of what we will be about to see - a bold and immaculate performance for sure. I for one will not be batting my eyes!
High five eh... can barely wait!

Anonymous said...

he looks very hot, as in, sweaty kinda hot. singapore's weather really sucks.

Anonymous said...

Why so handsome?
You are really a big super star.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

i guess the fans in Singapore would be happy to see you walking on the ST in stead of surprising.
leader, go out if you have little free time & feel the warm welcome of the fans there !!
love you :)

Anonymous said...

ow he ha the same ring as nice to know that.goodluck khj!!