Wednesday, May 02, 2012

[Vids] Hyun Joong from Korea to Singapore 05.02.12

Following videos are fancams taken early this morning at Incheon Airport of Hyun Joong who zipped off to Singapore for the the fan meeting on Friday, 4th of May.  Much thanks to and for the videos below. Please DO NOT re-upload videos in any other streaming sites including YouTube.

From Incheon Airport to Changi Airport we were treated by fans with their nicely taken video of Hyun Joong who looks so refreshing after a 6 hour flight.   Here are fanvids of Hyun Joong's arrival at early this afternoon. Heaps of thanks to and for the following videos. Again, please DO NOT re-upload videos in any streaming sites including YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Love u gorgeous hyunjoong! Not too many fans at the airport cuz it's early afternoon n most of 'em are working^^ not to mention the school kids are having their mid-year exams at the moment~ But thanks to those who were there n managed to take the pics n fancams...... Hope there'll be some more^^^

Anonymous said...

he's looking great!

even though i cant go to his fanmeetings, i hope fans who do, can try not to upload fancams of the F.M. just so ppl would actually buy tickets and attend the F.M. or can wait until all are finished

Anonymous said...

11:09pm, you are like about that.
fighting dear all !!