Wednesday, May 09, 2012

[Vid] Hyung Jun Cut Scenes from EP8 of 'I Love You' 05.08.12

Here is almost sixteen minutes of Hyung Jun as Chae Jung Min from last night's episode of 'I Love You'.

In 5.07 mark, there is a scene in which Chae Jung Min pulled Yeon Ah back down in what seems to be a mattress and pinned her down and talk to her with their face almost touching (I wish I understand the dialogue).  There is also a scene in which Chae Jung Min had a fist fight with a drunken man wherein he's trying to protect a young kid from being beaten up.

Check the cut scenes from this video shared by in YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

wish he would comeback soon with a song :( miss his singing...
however the acting is getting better :)