Thursday, May 24, 2012

[Article & Vid] Jealousy in 'Sent from Heaven'

Here's an article about the 61st episode of 'Sent From Heaven'.  Thanks to @cll_slam10 for the translation and sharing on StylishHS.

The life of an idol.  I wonder how Young Saeng handles his private love life. ^_^


[Trans] “Sent From Heaven” Woori-Heo Young Saeng Ambiguous Relationship Mature 'Starts To Get Jealous'
Source: TVReport
Chinese Trans: 王小卯0317 @HYS Baidu Bar
Eng Trans: cllslam10 @StylishHYS
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On 23 May, KBS 2TV comedy sitcom “Sent From Heaven” Ep 61, due to the rumour of him being together with a female artiste, NaRa start to show her jealousy.

NaRa saw the posters and pictures of Young Saeng and the rumoured female artiste, start to feel jealous begin to vandalise the posters and pictures.

While sitting at a side, NaRa was mumbling angrily, Heo Young Saeng start to explain painstakingly, “GaBuLi! You are angry due to the rumours between me and the female artiste? That is not true, my company is already over-whelmed from all the phone calls swarming in clarifying on this matter. It is not what you think, so please not to worry.” relaying his true feelings. NaRa start to smile after listening to Young Saeng's explaination, which cool down her anger.


Here is episode 61 of 'Sent from Heaven' which was shown 05.23.12. Thanks to for sharing on YouTube the cut scenes which originally came from

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Chara said...

He does quite well as an actor. ^^ For this being his first TV-Sitcom. ^^ I am quite happy about that. :-)