Tuesday, May 01, 2012

S/Tweet Treats on 501 Day 05.01.12

If you are a TripleS who would forget 501 Day. It has been since 2005 since we started celebrating this special day.

As 501 Day is about to end (KST), let me shove here tweet translation that I lifted from Quainte501.  Heaps of thanks of course to xiaochu for the translation.


[Trans] S/Tweet Treats 05.01.12
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Re-post with full credit please.

2012-05-01 @ 10:54 AM
대에에에박!!!! ^^ media.daum.net/entertain/enews/view?newsid=20120501103506629&cateid=1033

2012-05-01 @ 11:14 AM
haha I didn't know it was officially announced already. here we go...! datv.jp/shopping/user_data/packages/default/khj-2ndjapanmini.html

2012-05-01 @ 12:04 PM
Stay tuned to I Love You today! Let's watch actual broadcast, let's remember to watch!!

2012-05-01 @ 2:23 PM
It's 1st May~~~~~~~ ^^

2012-05-01 @ 4:59 PM
Wanted to upload the photo during conference but couldn't upload it keke KyuBbi who is excited by himself hee pic.twitter.com/Pd0f6uiM

2012-05-01 @ 8:16 PM
Kim HyungJun★ It's time to see Jung MinChae who has the charisma that makes you unable to keep your eyes off him!! SBS PLUS [I Love You] will start at 9pm~~^^

2012-05-01 @ 8:21 PM
RT @SPLUSent:Kim HyungJun★ It's time to see Jung MinChae who has the charisma that makes you unable to keep your eyes off him!! SBS PLUS [I Love You] will start at 9pm~~^^

2012-05-01 @ 8:49 PM
Flower Kyu keke Additional shot pic.twitter.com/SrdOrjH5

2012-05-01 @ 8:56 PM
501 hurray

2012-05-01 @ 8:57 PM
@HyungJun87 HyungKko hurray ke

Suddenly came to my mind
Dog, otter, praying mantis, horse, terrapin Hwaiting!! Take care of your health too

2012-05-01 @ 9:10 PM
Happy 501 Day! smile.gif #SS501

2012-05-01 @ 9:14 PM

2012-05-01 @ 9:38 PM
In the midst of signing heehee 100 balls pic.twitter.com/Xwa9DHZs

2012-05-01 @ 9:42 PM
@seanalexander23 Man~~~ how r u !^^ u know.501 Day!?~~~ wow !!

2012-05-01 @ 9:43 PM
@HyungJun87 501 hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray to me, hurray to you, I win! heeheehee

2012-05-01 @ 9:45 PM
Hip hip hurray to Triple S too!!!

2012-05-01 @ 9:46 PM
@2kjdream KyuJong-ah, do well for the fan meeting!

2012-05-01 @ 9:50 PM
@PHOTOKARMA Yes yes yes yes!! It is tomorrow!! I'm nervous and excited, and I cannot get to sleep heeheehee See you when I return to Korea, hyung^^

2012-05-01 @ 9:53 PM
@2kjdream yeah! your awesome fans reminded me! smile.gif I've been amazing... how r u?? You should come back to LA with @Steven_Lee_ !

2012-05-01 @ 10:04 PM
@2kjdream Hwaiting oppa!

2012-05-01 @ 10:41 PM
Flower Kyu closing version heeheehee pic.twitter.com/yPHPbMRC

2012-05-01 @ 10:52 PM
Since Flower Saeng is not with me, next time then T T
See you in music shows this month heehee

2012-05-01 @ 11:00 PM
@HyungJun87 Hurray!!


Anonymous said...

omo young saeng comeback this month? better start saving $$$

also i've noticed our fandom is not as united as before.there are many fans of ss501 and fans of each members and new fans as well. but we dont work together that well. like fans of shinhwa(korean & international)worked together to make the song #1.

i believe we can do it too and am sure the koreans fans will have a plan so we international fans have to really work together.

im sorry to write such a long paragraph here but i dont know where else to say or who to say it to but i've started to notice some fans not getting as involved or should i say not as enthusiastic as compared to before..im really worried ss501 will be forgotten soon...there are already many intl fans who arent that familiar with ss except hyun joong...

Anonymous said...

It's 501 day in the States! Happy happy joy to SS501☺

Anonymous said...

anon 9.59 - i think its inevitable such things happen. even all the fansites like this one is pretty quiet now. we do our best to love the boys but theres only so much we can do. if they remain separated the fans will be too, its only natural. along the way there will definitely be new fans after the boys go solo so no choice that the fans look as if some are fans of SS501 + individual members

Anonymous said...

hyeongjin is such a loyal manager to the boys trully wonderful person

Anonymous said...

i so love manager hyeongjin...ss501 are his babies since then...till now i think kyu cant sleep alone in the hotel room without hyeongjin...kyu is such a kyutie baby to him..lol..ang i love how he addressed hyunkko, and kyubbi~! daebak manager!

Hyeongjin and the 2 cody nunas +dancers are so loyal to our boySS...they spell the word LOYALTY~!

Chara said...

YS coming back this month??? Oh, I'M PRAYING (!!!!) it will happen. Will be back to Korea end of May...
But there's no official announcement yet, is there?

Anonymous said...

I love manager Hyeong Jin he really loves SS501 members my favorite tweet from hin is "Suddenly came to my mind
Dog, otter, praying mantis, horse, terrapin Hwaiting!! Take care of your health too"

Young Saeng comeback can't wait!!! it's been 1 year