Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Vids] Young Saent at Rule the Sky Charity Soccer Match 05.29.12

Here are fancams again of Young Saeng from the charity soccer match last night sponsored by JCE (www.jceworld.com) a popular mobile social game ‘Rule the Sky’. Much thanks to Madeleine (http:://heoyoungsaeng.com) for the fancams that they shared via the YouTube channel of  

Please DO NOT edit and upload the following videos in any steaming sites including YouTube.

Earlier, it was reported that Kyu Jong will also be participating in this charity match but from the videos and photos that I have seen so far there's no Kyu Jong that I have seen.

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kelly said...

Thanks Liezle.

Understand that KJ did not attend the match. Any idea which side won?