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[Article] Young Saeng Tells More About Writing 'Crying'

Here is an article about Young Saeng from Sports Korea.  In this article Young Saeng talked about the story who he wrote 'Crying'.  Check out the article in which Young Saeng has a lot to say.

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[News Heo Young Saeng ” Try Diverse Experience , Write Sad Parting Lyrics “

Source : Sports Korea
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Eng Trans : Venice_YS @ StylishHYS
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After a year , Heo Young Saeng who make his comeback with [SOLO]will coordinate his fans name and make his comeback stage on 1 June . Through the title song ‘ Crying ‘ throw the old idol singing voice , find his own ‘ Music Characteristic ‘ .

” When the 1st solo album activities ended on last year , I did’t thought will take for so long apart to comeback again , for the fans , the last interview is on last fall , now is going to autumm . “

Heo Young Saeng , the group member of SS501 unknowingly second emerged alone , after a year comeback with his [SOLO] Mini Album . The comeback stage on 1 June “ Coincides with the date of the return of SS601 (SS501 fans name) he smiled and said it . Talk about the melodious of [SOLO] and frankly idea for the recent songs sector , the reporters listened to Heo Young Saeng talking .

” ’ You did a hard work .’ Wanna listen all this words on recently . There is a very unjust situation when ‘ Let It Go ‘ activities . Music program’s PD even the company president ’ Why your dance just like that ? ‘ Listened all this words for many time . Actually , the choreography is not complicated , plus that I’m the type that don’t like sweating . (Laugh) Eventhough i make the full effort to dance , but seems like not exertion , therefore , it make me very sad . “ 

Heo Young Saeng showed a heart wounded look when the interview start . Like endless complaints . He explained the past of ” Unfortunately ” and ”Will fill it up ” in the future . In fact , he is being hardworking for the [SOLO]activities .

” At first , the dance step is relatively large . (Laugh) The serious efforts of the impression maybe able to be recognized . I wrote the lyrics for the title song ‘ Crying ‘ , want to give a certain sense inside . Performed the hearts of men very unwilling parting , probably the majority of men will not agree with , but the heart is still looking forward something . “

‘ Although I can do nothing , but you still can’t comeback ? ‘ ”Although the lyrics is not the handsome perform , ordinary feeling was more suitable for my thoughts . ” Would also like to return the past when walking on the street . When listened those lyrics , the memory of the usual live together will back to mind . “

” Imagine the maximize grief while writting the lyrics and drink shochu at home . This also one of the diverse experience to let me try . (Laugh) If you poured a glass of shochu when writting the first section , then , when writting the last section , you will able to feel the kind of taste . Integration my such an extent heart , been confidence for this song .” 

Heo Young Saeng love ‘ Crying ‘ so much , not only write the lyrics by himself , Heo Young Saeng’s will referring to song ‘ Crying ‘ to open the[SOLO] album . Choose ‘ Crying ‘ as the title song , behind also contain many stories .

” Originally want to choose the first song as the title song , considered to changing the image . Devoted a lot off effort for the sound , the overall style and the dance also very close . Has been listen , feel like return to the previous Idol group member Heo Young Saeng image . Seems like it not the Heo Young Seang’s voice that the fans looking forward . So , change ‘ Crying ‘ as the title song , seize the concept of capable men , further added the inner low feeling . ”

Regardless the [SOLO] album sales or ‘ Crying ‘ ranking at the music programme or others result are not out , but Heo Young Saeng’s judgment seems justified . Many new idol groups debut in a month , every week also got idol group comeback , if Heo Young Saeng don’t have his own characteristics , maybe he’ll be buried .

” ‘ I’m confident ‘ speaking like this to increase self confidence , but recently it has some different . The age of idol singer is getting younger , strength also growing , when we debut , can understand the mood of GOD & SHINHWA sunbae . ‘ Need to work more hard ‘ only can listen this idea . I no need to as handsome as the younger friend right ? (Laugh) I just need to play my strengths . I’m the singer debut for seven years , fans have traveled together a long time has strong feelings . “


daydeq said...

What i like about SS501 is they really care about they fans...whatever they do, they always think they fans..i think they fan service is awesome...proud be they fans..always proud

Anonymous said...

his comeback day is the same day SS501 debuted ! 1st of June ! ^^