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[Article] Cute & Funny S/Tweets of Young Saeng 05.05.12

On the 5th of May, Young Saeng tweeted some funny photos of him with the other casts of KBS2 sitcome 'Sent from Heaven' (a.k.a. 'I Need a Fairy').  Here is a news related to the tweets of Young Saeng shared by Honeyeee in the new home of LOVE501.com.  Much thanks for sharing!

[Article] Shim Hye Jin Heo Young Saeng Degrading makeup, Tangled hair + Face doodling ‘What Happened?’
Source: TV DAILY
Translation: Honeyeee @ LOVE501.COM

Actress Sim Hye Jin and Singer Heo Young Saeng were seen completely ruining themselves in degrading makeup.

In the forenoon on the 5th, Heo Young Saeng posted the picture on his twitter along with text “With Shim Hye Jin Sunbaenim (Senior). We’re all messed up.”

The two who are currently filming KBS2 Daily Sitcom ‘I Need A Fairy’ looked miserable in the picture with their excessive makeup and their wretched and ruined look, evoking much laugher.

In the picture, Shim Hye Jin herself was seen trying to suppress her laughter while being in a messed up makeup and her face seems to be caught in her dark and greasy tangled hair. Heo Young Saeng, who is commonly known as the flower boy, as though magic happened, also drew black tears and mustache on himself which caused laughters.

Netizens who saw the picture responded with comments such as “I laughed for a long time. I wonder what happened” , “Did Miss Shim Hye Jin had a fight somewhere” , “Young Saeng Oppa look like Charlie Chaplin” 


Here are more of Young Saeng's s/tweets on the 5th of May with the translation of xiaochu shared on Quainte501.

2012-05-05 @ 12:38 PM
With ShinWoo~ Awkward V.. Awkward hello.. keke filmed it with fun then!! yfrog.com/oc9e4yij

2012-05-05 @ 12:42 PM

Actually I.. didn't doodle on the face in the broadcast.. doodled "Ggabeuri" for this photo.. keke as a commemoration for being wrecked~~yfrog.com/odx11frj
*"Ggabeuri" was what was written on the girl's forehead

2012-05-05 @ 12:44 PM
Love triangle~~ among 3 of us~~keke By the way.. When is this getting broadcasted??ke yfrog.com/ockvvcfj

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