Sunday, May 20, 2012

[Media Pix] Hyun Joong at Jung Jun Ha's Wedding 05.20.12

Jung Jun Ha got married today to a bride who is 10 years younger than him at Shilla Hotel in Seoul. Jung Jun Ha’s bride is a Japanese who goes by the name, Namo. They have been in a relationship since 2009. The wedding was hosted by veteran actor Lee Soon Jae.

Many celebrities attended the wedding like,So Ji Sub, Shim Ji Ho,  Park Jin Young, Seulong and Jin Woo of 2AM, Lee Dong Wook, Yoo Jae Seok, Ha Ha, Kim Jong Min, Kang Ho Dong, Son Dam Bi,  Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Kyu Jong and Young Saeng  (photo of the 3 together is at the end of this post) and more

Here are photos of Hyun Joong taken from Naver and Daum.

Here is a video courtesy of lifted HERE. You can see Hyun Joong at the first few seconds.


I have been waiting for photos of Kyu Jong and Young Saeng attending the wedding of Jung Jun Ha but there is none. It could be that they didn't pass the media line or they're late. Anyway, tonight photo of them together with Hyun Joong and Tony Hong (a.k.a. Hong Suk Chun) is in Twitter. This photo was tweeted by @imKOONG and @Tonyhong1004 . Thanks to everyone in Twitter for the tip.

In his Twitter account @Tonyhong1004 wrote :
Met the handsome SS501 dongsaeng who long time did't meet at Jung Jun Ha's Wedding

Thanks to @Venice_YS for the translation.


Anonymous said...

Poor baby! No wonder he had to get back from Taiwan so early in the morning ~ he had a wedding to attend today. I shouldn't think he was able to rest much before getting ready to come here..... Take care, KHJ love!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad to see a picture of the members together! Thanks for sharing! ^^

Anonymous said...

it's nice too see our boys together:) miss them so much!!!

Anonymous said...

I love those pictures of him when he was walking or when he is spacing out....walking statue is the name

Anonymous said...

Here's a fancam of Hyun Joong at the wedding. Although, it's Hyun Joong focused, you can see Kyu Jong Young Saeng at the beginning of the video.

Credit: KingHyunjoong

Anonymous said...

Poor Hyun Joong.
Sure he didn't rest any hour before the wedding.
Supprised, is it the wedding or press conference?

Anonymous said...

I think it is time for you to remove Bae Yong Joon's name from this site.
I don't even see any BYJ's news here although he was in the news recently. Are you still hankering him?

Anonymous said...

I've watched that video on YouTube and was so annoyed by some of the comments. Why are they attacking the poor person taking the fan cam? She has every right to focus on anyone she wants. Some people are just too much.

daydeq said...

nice to see them together..but must 3 or 2 of the members..when can c them all at one pic attend any event..dreaming??hehehe
hyun joong look tired..poor him..

Anonymous said...

Lacking sleep n yet still looking darn beautiful, our hyunjooong! Wonder though how come there're no media pics of youngsaeng n kyujong? Surely everyone would be photographed by those rabid press or were they only interested with certain celebs? Anyone knows?

Anonymous said...


I think either kyuseang arrives late or the media is focusing those thats newsworthy.Hyunjoong is news aroung asia this month...just my theory....dont sue me

Anonymous said...

Hyunjoong look gorgeous, gentle, kind, elegent etc. I love u very much!!!