Thursday, May 31, 2012

[Pix] Hyun Joong @ Chengdu Hi5 PressCon 05.31.12

Before the Hi5 today at Chengdu, Hyun Joong had a short press conference at the venue where the Hi5 is also to take place. Here are the photos from the said event with translation from the tweets of the organizer's staff in weibo translated by ‏@loveKHJ and ‏@khjean14 in Twitter. ‏@loveKHJ
HJ thanks fans for the warm reception at the airport. he supposedly looks even better in person than in this pic

khjean Henecia 金贤重 ‏@khjean14
A reporter asked Kim Hyun Joong favorite which films, Kim Hyun Joong said recently saw Tang Wei, Lust, Caution ‏@loveKHJ
BB trans: when asked abt acting & singing, HJ says he likes both

HJ says he's too busy to tour Chengdu, hopes to chk out city after presscon

Asked if he'll start weibo, HJ said there's a chance of a surprise next wk

khjean Henecia 金贤重 ‏@khjean14
Kim Hyun Joong also revealed that tomorrow's concert will be singing 15 songs, stage effects is great, will not

reporter then asked to see Kim Hyun Joong can accept large-scale performances in Lust, Caution in Kim Hyun Joong

More photos credit as tagged...

I was actually late in sharing this photos and infos and and I disappointed with the turn of events of the Hi5. Seems that there are many fans who weren't able to Hi5 with Hyun Joong because staff of the organizers thought that there was no more queue outside when it turned out that there is still. When they learned about this Hyun Joong has already left. Poor fans. Sigh, looks like the organizers are not doing efficient job. I am sure you guys have also heard about what happened in the airport this morning. Hyun Joong has to go back to the airport (from the hotel) to fix some papers which the organizers failed to do so.

Hope that the FM will turn out well and Hyun Joong will make each and every fans happy.


Anonymous said...

Poor HJ.

Anonymous said...

Things haven't been so good for HJ in China and I'm worried how this may be affecting him. :( I hope the rest of his stay there will be PERFECT. He doesn't need any more added stress!