Friday, May 25, 2012

[Article] Kyu Jong & Young Saeng to Attend Charity Soccer Match

Thanks a lot to xiaochu for translating this piece of news about Kyu Jong and Young Saeng and sharing in Quainte501

So mark the date guys, on Monday, 28th of May. 


[News] KyuJong YoungSaeng to Attend Charity Soccer Match
First Warm Love Sharing Event by ‘Rule The Sky’
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*extract from the original news only.

JCE ( popular mobile social game ‘Rule the Sky’ is doing their part to return back to the society by launching a warm love sharing ‘Rule the Sky Care Campaign’, they said on 25-May.

The famous social activity of the game ‘Rule the Sky’ is giving CARE and FAVOR to friends for their corps on their island, is leading the spreading the culture of sharing.

The first activity of ‘Rule The Sky Warm Care Campaign’ will start with a ‘Charity soccer match’ for heart disease patients. Coming 28-May at GuRi WangSookJae Park, the charity soccer match between ‘Rule the Sky Soccer Team’ made up by JCE employees and celebrity soccer team ‘GuDdi’ made up of Seo JiSeok, Kim KyuJong Heo YoungSaeng (SS501), Yoon DuJun (Beast), Jo HanSun, DongHo (UKiss), Lee SaeJun (Yuri Sangja), etc.

Through this charity soccer match, the two teams ‘Rule the Sky’ and ‘GuDdi’ will raise 10million won for the Korea Heart Foundation, supporting the heart disease patients who couldn’t receive medical treatments as they have difficulties with the medical bills.

At the same time, JCE started a predicting the charity soccer winner event. You can participate this event via ‘Rule the Sky’ facebook page until 7pm on 28-May, and they will be giving celebrity soccer team’s autographed soccer ball to 5 lucky winners who predicted the winner team correctly.

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