Monday, May 21, 2012

[Pix] Young Saeng Playing a Game of Basketball 05.17.12

As we wait for the release of Young Saeng's 'Crying' full music video which is the track title of his 2nd mini album entitled 'SOLO' let us feast our eyes first on these photos taken last May 17 when Young Saeng played the hoops with the other member of ATIBasket.

Much thanks to @yyann and @cll_slam10for sharing the following photos on Twitter which were lifted from DoubleS 501 中文网 weibo , @osy0604's tweet. Also thanks to 아이러브현 for sharing more pix in as well as to veggiedelight for shoving the rest other photos to my email which she got from atibasket daum cafe.

1 comment:

etet said...

Nice jump shot!
But whose the guy wearing the Celtic shirt and those rather crazy pants??? Hahahaha.....
Meez lives in LA so 'Celtics'? And those pants??? Eye catching to say the least....

But glad to see Young Saeng having fun! Just be careful. Don't want any mishaps during your comeback!!!! Fighting..