Friday, May 18, 2012

[Pix] Jung Min in Hawaii

Sometime in April, after Jung Min's activities in Japan, he and some of his Japanese fans zipped off to Hawaii for a tour. Few of the photos from the tour have been posted by 지금갑니다 in that where lifted from Jung Min's Japan official webby. 

The above photos came from Park Jung Min - Official Tour Vol.3 in Hawaii that happened last April 19 to 23 for lucky official fan club members in Japan. It is a 5D 3N event with BBQ party, talk, games and a lot of interaction with Jung Min. There were also photo op (one-to-one) with Jung Min. Also, there was a cruise.


tetsu_girl said...

WOW. an exclusive cruise and tour in Hawaii with Jung Min! *dreams*

i love this light, chic, and especially happy look on JM. thanks for sharing pix! ^^

Anonymous said...

Must be fun. Wonder how much was the ticket.... Wow.