Friday, May 11, 2012

Heo Young Saeng's 'SOLO' Tracklist

Nineteen minutes before midnight last night, Young Saeng tweeted a photo of him from the shooting of his MV with a cool Mercedes Benz behind me. In his tweet he said...
mystyle1103 : Ah~ I earned quite some money!!!keke

This morning, we all got a surprise news about Young Saeng's 2nd mini album called 'SOLO' that was in almost in all Korean entertainment portals.  According to the articles released the music video teaser for the album will be out on the 18th of May and the full video will be available online on the 22nd of May.

Below is the album jacket and tracklist of Young Saeng's 2nd mini album 'SOLO' in which he  participated from the album's overall planning to its production.  He is also named as the co-producer for this album.


2. CRYING (title track)
3. MARIA (눈물나무)
4. HELLO HELLO (Only Love)
5. CRYING (Instrumental)

P.S.   Thanks to xiaochu of Quainte501 for the translation of the tweet above.


kelly said...

How I wish there are more than four songs?

YS, 11 days is a long wait.

Anonymous said...

Me knowing the title of the songs made me even more excited.. I love the concept.. it is possible for young saeng to own that car?

I don't know but maybe this is the reason why young saeng have fanboys (boys can relate to him base from his songs).. I remember him replying to a fanboy in twitter