Monday, August 29, 2011

08.12.11 S/Tweet Treats

Long overdue tweets are coming through. Thanks to xiaochu of Quainte501 for the translation.


[Trans] 08.12.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korea to English translatin by xiaochu @
Please re-post with full credits

2011-08-12 @ 2:52 AM
HyungJun87 @Spike1092 ....
*in reply to =Spike1092= (2011-08-12 @ 1:40 AM) Ending work Soju (@ ChoiKangJib (NonHyun-dong))

2011-08-12 @ 2:56 AM
Spike1092 @HyungJun87 I ate alittle.. Why aren't you sleeping!?!?!! Please go and sleep soon~

2011-08-12 @ 5:01 PM
wonjhan Finished the meeting with SS501 Kim HyungJun.. Will start vocal lessons from next week onwards~ Gave me 3 CDs.. heeheehee

2011-08-12 @ 7:04 PM
b2ment [Kim KyuJong] Musical 1st ticketing casting details is out. You can see Prince KyuJong on 17th, 20th and 22nd. 16-Aug at 2pm! The divine hand! Please be prepared~

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