Saturday, August 27, 2011

[Pix] Hyun Joong TheFaceShop Fan Signing 08.26.11

The last leg of Hyun Joong's Asia Tour ended yesterday evening with TheFaceShop fan signing for event at the Trinoma Activity Center in the Philippines. He will be going back to Seoul for a much needed rest later after almost of month of being away in his home country then prepare for his second comeback which might just happen in October.
(Note : There's a storm and the wind is strong. Hope my friends and Hyun Joong flight won't be delayed or canceled.)

On the last day of Hyun Joong's activities, he started the day with a visit to Mall of Asia where one of TheFaceShop stores can be found. He only stayed at the store for less than 30 minutes then headed back again to Edsa Shangri-La for interview (or was it a presscon again?) for different magazine publications. After the interview, he then proceeded to Trinoma for another visit to another TheFaceShop outlet. Afterwhich, the fan signing program started in which Grace Lee hosted. The program started with the usual greetings then Q&A which made the fans happy and giddy. Grace even asked Hyun Joong to say a Filipino phrase that he knows and he said to the delight of all the fans inside "Mahal kita" which means "I love you". As always, Grace Lee always gives good interview and entertainment by throwing the right questions. Btw, earlier, I was sent a message by a friend who's with Grace what questions I want to asked, I even asked the Korean fans I am with if they want to ask questions but all of us could not come up with any. Had I known that I will be asked I would have prepared and gotten some from fans.

Few minutes after the interview and Q&A, the fan signing event started. Wanted to get good photos but the seat where I was at hardly can't get a good view. And I can't move to where I was because the bags of my friends were left on their seat. Someone has to guard them.

Only 100 lucky fans were given the chance to get an autograph from Hyun Joong and 5 lucky fans (plus one, mother of Grace who is very pretty and I had a chance to get to know earlier) from balloon popping game had a chance to get a solo photo opportunity with Hyun Joong.

Two lucky little girls were the envy of the night. One girl gave Hyun Joong a kiss on the cheek! Hyun Joong leaned over for the little girl to be able to kiss him on the left cheek. And the other little one got to be kissed by Hyun Joong! He again leaned over and kissed the little girl her cheek! And there was one little boy who got a tap on the head from him. ^_^

The event ended with all staff of TheFaceShop including Mr. Ben Chan having their photo taken with Hyun Joong.

Here are few of the photos I've taken. I tried recording but my arm is not steady enough to get good captures.

Hyun Joong promised to be back next year and I guess as early as now everyone is already excited about it.

Yesterday, I again met quiet a lot of new fans. Also met some of my blog visitors. I may not be able to remember all of your names but I will make certain that I remember you when I see you somewhere. Thanks for all the hi and hello, for letting me know that you frequent my blog and for being nice to me and to everyone I am with. We really appreciate you kindness. Until next time. ^_^


Anonymous said...


I was 5 minutes too late for the event. But still I was happy to catch up with some of the Henecians (not an official member yet) and to take a look at some of their shots. I was somewhat happy with that.

I was so looking forward to this post as I was counting on you for more photos and the details of the event. Thank you so much for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Happy to know our hyunjoong finished a month-long asia tour successfully at last and can have a very needed rest. Wish him being well and happy always. Will miss him much much.....

Khai Charinelle Hale said...

Hello!! I was there yesterday too but I wasn't able to glance thoroughly oppa's face. It was my first time visiting your blog but I am really glad I did. I am a die-hard fan of Kim Hyun Joong and I always feel happy when there are also others like me who scream for him. I envy you for having such opportunities with oppa. Anyway, just keep on updating us about him!!! Thanks!! And looking forward to seeing you someday!!

Anonymous said...

hi, @8.18
that is what i would love to express. i am happy leader meet the fans all over the Asia & received their great supports.
hope leader go back to Korean safely.
hope he will take some time out & rest well.
we are looking forward his next activities & his 2nd album.
love you leader. i really hope i will have a chance to meet you in the future.
thanks Liezle for the great work. love ya!

Anonymous said...

ms. liezle,

thanks for sharing..
i'm sure lots of KHJ fans are already excited to see him soon..