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Snippets & Photos from Hyun Joong TheFaceShop PressCon 08.26.11

Here is another presscon tidbits which chae_yene sent. This is the 2nd presscon of Hyun Joong and this happened after TheFaceShop visit in Mall of Asia. chae_yene was actually apologetic that she was not able to get entire presscon as she was not able to capture the entire thing because she also took photos. chae_yene, long or short report, whatever you've shared with us, I am already very very grateful. Btw, I am so happy that chae_yene was able to get a solo photo opportunity with Hyun Joong and that she's able to have her Break Down Limited Edition signed personally by Hyun Joong.

Alright, here is now the snippets from the second press conference courtesy of TheFaceShop that was held last Friday, August 26, 2011 at Rockwell Club and was hosted by Grace Lee.

08.26.11 Kim Hyun Joong PressCon for TheFaceShop
Host: Ms Grace Lee
Venue: Rockwell Club
Time: 1:00 pm
Attendees: Afew reporters from major networks, and mostly were editors from different magazines. There were also a few reps from some local fashion websites.

At the venue, the mannequin wearing Hyun Joong's shorts that was auctioned was displayed. The winner of it is a 73 year old grandmother who paid for it for P100,000. The proceed of the auction will go to Abiertas Foundation that Hyun Joong is currently supporting. It is a foundation that helps unwed mothers in the Philippines.

The presscon started on time. When Hyun Joong came in, he greeted everyone then he started to sit down. A flower bouquet was presented to him by actress, Gelli De Belen.

Before the presscon, they announced the rules in selecting questions and the same was applied to the one-on-one interviews. The following topics are strictly prohibited: SS501, Bae Yong Joon, girlfriends, his surgery, entering the military.

As Grace Lee started to call out the editors, they approached the mic, greeted leader and asked their question.

Here are some of the questions that chae_yene gathered.

1) Your favorite TFS product. It's a new product that he is currently endorsing.

2) What he goes for in looking in a girl. With or without make up what's important is the personality and not the outside beauty.

After this question someone asked something related to it and somewhat personal. So the interpreter said that the question cannot be entertained.

3) What's the best thing about being a TFS endorser? The brand being global means it's a good product as it is popular.

4) Best TFS travel product that he carries. (chae_yene was able to get the answer to this but from the other presscon I think his answer was BB cream)

5) Favorite TFS product that he can't do without. Moisturizing products.

6) TFS products that you'd recommend Filipino women. All products. (chae_yene had to laugh at this because she thinks that Hyun Joong really doens't know the answer to this)

7) Which one he'd like to pursue more - acting or singing. Asking this question is like asking me to choose between mom or dad, so i really can't choose one.

8) What's your everyday regimen.. and what is your favorite scent on women - choose from among the TFS scents. (chae_yene said that this is a tough question and she wasn't able to get the answer to this)

After the questions the program proceeded to the Abiertas Foundation and awarding of the winner of the auction. Also TFS donated a huge amount and presented the check but she wasn't able to get the figure. They also asked Hyun Joong to sign a poster of TFS.

That's it for the presscon. Much thanks once again to chae_yene. Until the next gig. ^^


Here are some photos from the presscon which I lifted from If you would like to see more photos and videos and read the blogger's entry just click HERE.

The beautiful and very nice Grace Lee.

The shorts that was auction at P100,000.

The 73-year old grandmother who bidded for the shorts.

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