Saturday, August 27, 2011

[FanCam] Hyun Joong's Arrival, Hi5 & TFS Signing Events in Manila

Much thanks KHJPerfect for capturing this moment of Hyun Joong in Manila from the time at NAIA to Trinoma Activity Center and sharing on YT channel . I was with this group for two lovely days and it's so amazing to be with them and see how much love they have on Hyun Joong. I was watching them take all the wonderful moments of HyunJoong on stage coolly.

On the last day of activity at Trinoma, like me, they also had a difficulty getting good captures of Hyun Joong but with their skills they were still able to good shots.

Grace Lee is really good at hosting especially at this kind of events. On my blog entry about the TFS event,I mentioned that I was asked what questions I would like to ask Hyun Joong but my friends and I could not come up with any and questions such as about BYJ, his girlfriend, SS501 (sigh, all members are at times not allowed to be asked about the group. I am pretty sure it is not to their liking) and surgery cannot be asked.


Anonymous said...

can anyone share what he said in the 3rd video starting 2:50 till the end? sorry i cant clearly understand due to screaming and i only understand "Mahal kita Pilipinas"? and Mabuhay Philippines!.


Anonymous said...

Is it all the screaming ,the bad acoustics that it's difficult to understand the questions/answers or both?

They have been asking the same questions anywhere he goes for BYJ,SS501,surgery ...we already have heard his answers to these. I think these type of questions can be asked if the interviewer is at least well known to KHJ as they are sensitive questions and also not with a throng of people and very public at that.It is best that he was not asked these questions that can put him in a spot. misunderstand .