Thursday, August 18, 2011

[Pix & Vids] Hyun Joong from Taiwan to Singapore 08.17.11

From Taiwan to Singapore (or to wherever Hyun Joong goes) there will always be a big crowd of fans and media trying to get a good glimpse of him.

Here are :
  • Video from of Hyun Joong from Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan as he and his entourage about to check in
  • Media pix from in Taoyuan Airport
  • Video of Hyun Joong at Changi Airport immigration by who also caught him doing some dancing
  • Videos from XINMSN uploaded by in her YT channel and cllslam's own fancam of Hyun Joong and his entourage walking along the line of fans behind the barricades welcoming him in Singapore.
  • Added also is a short article emailed to me by myqueen leo of Myanmar about Hyun Joong touring Asia. What interest me in this email is that the article was posted in 'The Mirror' and that HJ being on their newspaper when he's not even scheduled to visit the country.
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Pix at Taoyuan Airport lifted from Baidu which originally came from

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courtesy of cllslam10@YT

video from XINMSN
uploaded by in YT

Btw, there are so many vids of HJL from his departure in Taiwan and arrival in Singapore which I won't be embedding here. If you want to see more just go to YouTube and search for it. ^_^


Hyun Joong's Tour in Asia in Myanmar's Local News Paper
source : The Mirror
translation by phyo
please repost with full credit.

Korean star Kim Hyun Joong's promotion in Taiwan
Korean singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong made the promotion for his
first solo album in Taiwan by meeting the fans. The TV program where
he was interviewed about his youth, his debut and his first solo album
"Break Down" will be aired in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao,
Australia and The United States by TVBS-ASIA.

Korean Star Kim Hyun Joong will also go to Japan, Vietnam, Singapore,
Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines and Thailand for his album promotion
in August.

translator's note: this daily newspaper "The Mirror" is the most
prestigious newspaper in "Myanmar".


Anonymous said...

anyone knows which hotel he's staying in singapore? seems like its not disclosed for security reasons or something?

Anonymous said...

i saw thefaceshop ads of hyun joong bilboard beside d bridge n boni