Friday, August 26, 2011

[Notice from B2M] Casting of Kyu Jong in 'Saving Madame Go BongShil'

News about Kyu Jong being part of a drama by a new broadcasting station was out last Wednesday. Yesterday, 25th of August, B2M finally announced Kyu Jong drama project which will start filming soon.

Here is the article which I lifted from Quainte501. Much thanks to xiaochu for the translation.


[Trans] B2M Notice – KyuJong Drama “Saving Madame Go BongShil” Casting

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


This is B2M Entertainment.

Kim KyuJong has been casted to play in “Saving Madame Go BongShil” for the later half of this year, which is the establishment production for the newly set-up TV broadcasting station TV Chosun, he will meet with everyone on TV.
Acting alongside with senior actors/actresses such as Kim HaeSook, Cheon HoJin, etc,
Through this drama, we will add another title to him as ACTOR KIM KYUJONG.

We hope to get everyone’s utmost support on Kim KyuJong’s new challenge.


sinthia said...

Of course I'll give my support, it's being a long time waiting this to happen!!
I'm sure Kyu will do a good job.^^
Kyu Jongie fighting!!!=]

Anonymous said...

kyujong ar your star is shining bright.Keep up the good work and dont be afraid to be sucessful cause i know you can do it and because you are a SS501 superstar.

Kim kyujong fighting!!!!