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[Article[ Hyun Joong to Participate in ShenZhen Concert on 09.16.11

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong Participation In ShenZhen Concert, Pre-Ordered Tickets By Fans Almost Exceeds 1 Million Yuan

Source: ShenZhen News Portal
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Hallyu Popular Idol, Kim Hyun Joong, will be coming to Shenzhen to participate together with the 4 Heavenly Queens of Chinese & Canto-pop, Elva Hsiao, Shirley Kwan, Fish Leong and Sammi Cheng for the "SUPER PERFECT" ("非常完美”) Concert. It is a huge scale of grand-style dance floor DISCO PARTY theme which will be held on 16 Sep at ChunJian of ShenZhen Sport Complex. He will be appearing in his blonde new image.

Praising the Warmth of ShenZhen Universiade 2011
Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong "surprised" participation added the finishing touches to this concert. Kim Hyun Joong is currently the most popular Asian Superstar in today's Asian entertainment industry. His Korean drama "Boys Over Flowers", "Playful Kiss" showed his exceptional acting skills and dashing looks which propelled him to fame. He is also the leader of the popular idol group SS501 and recently he just released his solo mini album "BREAK DOWN". After finishing his promotional tour in Korea, Kim Hyun Joong will start invading into the Asian market and China is 1 of the main station for his series of promotional activities.

This time "SUPER PERFECT" Concert will be held at ChunJian of ShenZhen Sports complex after the Universiade 2011. Regard this, Kim Hyun Joong is particularly looking forward to it. He has watched the Universiade 2011 in Korea and also some of the competition events, saying that even though he is separated only by a TV screen, he can feel the enthusiasm and passion of the Chinese audience, thus he is really looking forward for the arrival at ChunJian to have interactions with the Chinese audience, "Thru the World University Games on TV I felt the Chinese audience's enthusiasm, I look forward to 16 Sep performance in Shenzhen Bay. I will decide what songs I will be performing after my interaction with China fans."

This Time Wanna Be A Tough Cool Man

It is reported that, this time Kim Hyun Joong participation for this event was supported by the Chinese fans. The sale for the concert tickets only starts on 29 Aug, but the news from the box office is that his fans have already booked tickets which exceeds 1 million yuan that really caused the organisers to be stunned as they did expect that this Korean flower boy has such a strong base of fans.

Kim Hyun Joong will be bringing his sound engineers, light engineers, dancers, stage designers and so on, a huge entourage and his image will be a total break through matching with his newly released album "BREAK DOWN" with a new blonde image to show his transformation. "This is my 1st solo album, it depicts a 26 years old man growing stages". In the MV, he was in black doing a strong dance, showing off his cool side, "I hope to let people to see a more brillant performance." Kim Hyun Joong new blonde hair style will be very striking, he explains, "This is due to the last hit song in the album "KISS KISS" is on the radio top charts, it is a more happy and cute style."

There is no doubt, this "surprise" hallyu will also bring a different surprise and shock to the fans. Kim Hyun Joong states, "Hope this time showing the audience my new image can let them see the transformation of me from a flower boy into a tough and cool man."

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