Sunday, August 21, 2011

[Pix] Hyung Jun's Summer Festival in Japan

As I was just looking for something to post about Hyung Jun's Summer Festival Tour in Japan tweeted the link to where they featured the concert in Tokyo from August 19 to 20. In the concert he sang a total of 18 songs in which song list can be found below. The concert lasted for a good-fun-filled two hours.

Here are photos from the very successful concert of Hyung Jun in Tokyo.
Next stop of Hyung Jun will be Nagoya then Osaka.

Concert song list:
1. oH aH (Japanese Ver.)
2. 眠れない夜-Long Night (Japanese Ver.)
3. 僕の頭が悪くて
4. GIRL (Korean Ver.)
6. ミアネ (ごめんね)
7. 雨にうたれて (Korean Ver.)

8. 何も
9. 手放せない愛

10. ドラマ「愛情万々歳」OSTより
11. HEAVEN (Korean Ver.)
12. 雨にうたれて (Japanese Ver.)
13. 他の女の子じゃなく、君
14. I AM
15. UR MAN
16. 眠れない夜-Long Night (Japanese Ver.)

17. oH aH (Korean Ver.)
18. GIRL (Japanese Ver.)

Additional photos lifted from Baidu which came from Prettyboy.


ping0119 said...

in 2nd paragraph 2nd line should be Hyung Jun instead of Hyun Joong

sinthia said...

I don't know... it could be just me but, I feel like his company is lacking in support him... well I think there could be more promotions to his events, I don't know... I'm just saying...
I hope HJB has a good response in his summer festival, he deserves it for all his hard work.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Baby. There is going to be Korean Crossover Miso & Kim Hyung Jun in Bangkok September 9. The hall has about 510 seats. Only about half of the tickets were sold. I hope it will fill at least 75% by that day.

"Do Concert", the organizer, is the same organizer as SS501 Persona Concert. They didn't do any promotion for SS501 at all at that time. The fanclub, KimhyunjoongThailand had to do all the work.

I hope SS501 boys would stop letting Do Concert organize their events in Thailand. I wouldn't have known that Baby is coming if not because of retweets from TripleSThailand.

sinthia said...

OMG anon 6:06 I didn't know it was that bad at that time... I thought it was just me having a feeling that something was wrong with their promotions, but how I see I wasn't totally wrong..¨¬¬
I feel so sad things isn't good to baby because that organizer, I really hope he changes it fast!
thank you for the info...