Friday, August 19, 2011

Hyun Joong PressCon at Resorts World in Singapore 08.19.11

Heaps of thanks to happiebb's (@baebb) of LoveKimHyunJoong for the live updates on Twitter from the press conference today in Singapore. I would be sharing with you here highlights from the presscon as she tweeted them and some pix that she shared as well. I was actually trying to look for some good quality pix but since after the presscon everyone hurried to to go to TheFaceShop event which is to happen in the afternoon (actually right at this very moment while I am posting this) I guess we could only see HD pix later after the event since everyone is at Causeway Point Mall.

Anyway, here are the highlights of the presscon that happened at Resorts World:
  • his staff bought him 'best actor in USS' yesterday ^o^
  • beige suit, white shirt... looks good...! bodyguard here in the room, rather goodlooking ^.*
  • juz launched TFS new bb cream. now opening questions to media ^^
  • Ken asking if HJ sings or dances in bathroom. he said that's his work, and he prefers to do smthg else in his free time ^^
  • HJ revealed that new album likely to be funky music ^^
  • sneak preview ^^
  • weehee...!
  • another one!
  • gals commented he seems to be look smile-less & tired from the presscon pics... actually not so. he's not high but in pleasant mood ^^
  • he didn't look all that tired, goodlooking definitely. seems to u/stand a fair of the english, I thot ^^
  • his hair's not as straw-yellow in real life as it appears in some pics. & woohoo, he's like centimeters away fm me when entering & leaving.
  • presscon was conducted in english tho it's hosted by Ken (who's probably better in mandarin ^^). interpreter is the same as last Dec, good!
  • media turnout considerably good. i've attended some Kpop presscon where mainstream media ain't interested. thk HJ's still considered good.
  • when asked by Ken wat beauty pdt he'd like to create, he'd like a mask that will apply makeup on face in an instant upon applying on face ^^
  • when asked which TFS item's his fave, he said itz the power perfection bb cream (ahhh... the purple baby!)
  • when asked if it was hard to sculpt his current form to achieve the manlier image, he said he worked really hard on it.
  • he said it's harder now coz he's a solo artist....

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