Friday, August 26, 2011

[Notice from B2M] Young Saeng Offical Fan Club Name 'Y.E.S'

Afterer the search Young Saeng now has a name for his official fan club, it's called Y.E.S. Check what it stands for from the translation shared by xiaochu on Quainte501.


[Trans] B2M Notice – YoungSaeng Official Fan Club Name “Y.E.S”
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


This is B2M Entertainment.

We would like to thank everyone for participating in the voting for Heo YoungSaeng Official Fan Club Name held between 19-Aug to 26-Aug.

Heo YoungSaeng’s Official Fan Club Name has been confirmed as “Y.E.S” Youngsaeng Eternal Supporters.

For Heo YoungSaeng official fan club “Y.E.S” to be made by everyone
We hope for everyone’s utmost love and attention.


Anonymous said...

Y.E.S??? I LOVE IT!!
Henecia + Y.E.S + Thankyu + tom&jerry
+ tripleS = SS501


Anonymous said...

anon 1:03 wtf with the tom and Jerry? Baby has his official international and korean fanclub name, is JUNUS (Jun N US) and Jjunaway is for his japanese fanclub name.

Start with Junus and then Henecia and KyuSaeng followed them with Y.E.S and ThanKYU, only JungMIn who hasnt got his official fanclub name

mrsheo said...

Y.E.S: Youngsaeng Eternal Supporters.... I love the meaning of the is very deep and intimate...^^

Anonymous said...

YES!! Love you forever, Saengie^^

Anonymous said...

yes. saengie

Anonymous said...

anon 3:40AM.. chill man, no need to curse??!! dunno that HJB already had a fanclub..geez~
i was away for a long time, and didnt get updated(until recently) i dont know~

as i was saying..
JUNUS+Henecia+Y.E.S+Thankyu+Jung Min+TripleS(i am all of them)=SS501 (^__^)

Anonymous said...

They actually did put a poll up to come out in the end with something uncreative like YES (YoungSaeng Eternal supporters)???
Geez, I"m sorry to say that, but I AM disappointed at this...

As much as I love YS most out of the five, I rather call myself a TripleS... than a YES(-cake?)

mrsheo said...

@anonymus 12.11 no matter what we are (junus, henecia, thanKyu,YES, or jungmin's *i don't know the name*) we are still Tripple S because we are standing out for the boys....^^