Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[Artcle] Kyu Jong in 'Go! Dream Team'

There was a news about Best Couple TV appearance (which I don't have any idea so far when and where to watch) where we could see Kyu Jong which had a recording yesterday. And today, another news about another TV show appearance is keeping us excited. This time Kyu Jong will be appearing in 'Let's Go! Dream Team'. Recording of of this will be on the 2nd of September.

Much thanks to xiaochu for another translation on Quainte501.


[News] Kim KyuJong Participates in Go!DreamTeam
Credits : World Martial Arts Festival news + (Chinese Translation) redcat111 @ + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Martial Arts Festival, Celebrities Attending

This is the first time so many celebrities will visit the World Martial Arts Park since its completion. On 4-Sep during the Martial Arts Festival, ‘Go! Dream Team’ recording set will be on the World Martial Arts Park with members such as b-boy Park JaeMin, comedian Kim HyunChul, singer Lee Hyun, JinWoon, Kim KyuJong, and Ricky Kim. These celebrities will compete against the local and overseas martial people who are participating in the World Martial Arts Festival. Is it the Dream Team, or the martial people? Filming will start on 4-Sep at 2pm.

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