Monday, August 15, 2011

Photos from Fans Taken at Hyun Joong TFS Tour in Vietnam

There are so many photos of Hyun Joong posted today in different blogs and fora from his recent visit in Vietnam and Taiwan. I won't be posting all of them but only selected ones as I think I have shared quite a few good quality photos.

Here is another set of photos sent to me by a frequent visitor in my blog. I won't be mentioning her name as I am not sure if she wants her full name to be posted. According to her these photos were taken by her friend Paris when Hyun Joong visited TheFaceShop store 1 in Vietnam on the 12th of August.

For more photos from Paris, you may download by clicking HERE.

The next set of photos is from Pluto0606 of Hyuniversa0606 who flew all the way to Vietnam to see Hyun Joong. I won't be posting all photos she took but if you want to see all photos this shutterbug took you may check HERE.

Next stop of Hyun Joong will be Singapore. Here are the flight details of Hyun Joong who is set to arrive in the evening of the 17th.

Arrival Date: 17 August 2011, Wednesday
Arrival Time: 6:50PM
Flight: SQ877 (Singapore Airlines)

Departure Date: 20 August 2011, Saturday
Departure Time: 9:50AM

I read on Twitter that he will be visiting TheFaceShop Causeway Point shopping mall. On the 19th, the fan signing to selected fans will happen at The Coliseum, Resort World Sentosa.


pengfoo said...

Gorgeous,gorgeous Hyun Joong. Who can resist his charms?!!!

Anonymous said...

I swear that if he looks at me directly in the eye,face to face, like in the 4th photo, I will end up in a dead faint or go into cardiac arrest! Help..drowning in those deep dark pools...his mesmerizing smile...let me