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[Article & Vids] Kim Hyung Jun 'Indecisive' for Hurray for Love OST

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[News] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, Hurray For Love OST “Indecisive” Music Released
News: TV Daily
English Translation: ONLY JUN
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SS501 Kim Hyung Jun have joined in the Part 3 OST album production for MBC Weekend Drama “Hurray for Love” starring Lee Bo Young, Lee Tae Seong.

Before it was released on the 26th as Part 3, Kim Hyung Jun’s “Indecisive” song was already long anticipated by fans with overwhelming interest. After the release of his first solo album in March, not in Korea, but in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, he is much more active compared to other singers.

This OST announcement is a good piece of news for fans who have been waiting for Kim Hyung Jun who has lesser domestic activities lately.

Part 3 is the male version of Part 1 “Indecisive” sung by Kara and Rainbow (Park Gyuri, So Hyun Young) with a lively and pleasant atmosphere. The soft smooth and charming voice of Kim Hyung Jun brings about a new and refreshing feel.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun who achieved success with his solo album in March, carried out his promotional activities alone in Singapore, Hong Kong and other various countries in South-east Asia, and also had just released his first Japanese single “Long Night” in Japan in last July, and thereby enjoying much popularity.


Indicive by Hyung Jun lifted from .

With English lyrics from

Indecisive by Kara Gyuri & Rainbow Hyun Young from YT.


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