Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[Notice from B2M) Kyu Jong Official Fan Club Naming

Once again thanks you to xiaochu for doing the translation of the notice from B2M. Again if you want to participate do check Kyu Jong's website ( on Friday.


[Trans] Kim KyuJong Official Fan Club Name, FAN STAFF Voting
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


This is B2M Entertainment.

We would like to thank everyone for joining the naming contest of official fan club and application for FAN STAFF.
This is a notice regarding Kim KyuJong official fan club name voting and FAN STAFF voting.
All votings will start from 19-Aug-2011.

** Official Fan Club Name Voting

Voting period : 2011. 08. 19 (Fri) ~ 26 (Fri) 3pm

Fan club name will be chosen by everyone.
Please choose and vote for the name which you think is suitable for the fan club name.

** FAN STAFF Voting

Voting period : 2011. 08. 19 (Fri) ~ 26 (Fri) 3pm

You can vote once for each region, for regions with single candidates, voting will be in form of yes or no.
According to the voting results, they will be divided into main STAFF and activity STAFF,
They will be named as final FAN STAFF through temporary FAN STAFF activities.

** We are looking for long-term support for Kim Kyu Jong fan club.

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slimz1808 said...

AHH! i am SOOO excited.. wonder if my submission got selected
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